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Let's Learn Minecraft!

It’s the holidays, so let’s do something completely different and learn Minecraft! Lindsay Levine will be teaching us how to play. Come join to watch Jason dig himself into a hole (literally)

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>>Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of Learn With Jason. Today on the show, we have Lindsay Levine. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me, Jason. I’m stoked

>> I think this is gonna be just an absolute great time. Today we’re doing something super weird, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about you. So for those who aren’t familiar with you or your work, do you want to give us a little bit of like a background?

>> Yeah, sure. So Cassidy, hi, I see you in the chat. She basically — she’s just responsible for my whole career, really. She hired me at Venmo. Well, she interviewed me. So we worked together briefly there. Worked there for about three years. Then was at Coinbase for a little bit and she stole be back. I’m on the Dx team with all the lovely individuals —

>> Ooh, I just broke everything. One second. I did all of this — I did it all. I did the things that I was supposed to do and everything was fine.

>> We love it. We’re troubleshooting.

>> Now the cross-site scripts should be fixed, you hackers.

>> You hackers. I see the marquee in —

>> Try it again, but pretty sure it won’t work, and if it does work, don’t do it anymore.

>> You know, marquees are okay. They’re slightly delightful but I don’t know about any drop database. Yeah, there’s really not much more to my background.

>> But now you’re doing some really cool stuff. You are the lead engineer on the next on Netlify.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, interesting. Okay, so we’re learning things about my cross-site scripting. The sanitization I used allows headings but it strips out, like, marquees, style tacks, things like that. You can do some chaos in the chat now. Interesting. Okay.

>> I see that. Not too bad.

>> But, yeah, so let’s talk about that for a minute. We’ll talk about it for a minute and then we’ll be silly because it’s just really cool what you’ve been doing because, like, what — like, what is next on Netlify doing? What’s happening under the hood when you use it?

>> Yeah, so a couple of different things. I mean, basically the internals of the framework really are kind of built for — even if you look at, like AWS Amplified, the kind of hoops you have to get NEX fully operational and amplified, it’s not straightforward there either. So the goal is just to really coerce the framework into working with kind of what we have set up. So, like, for things that need to be server-side rendered, we basically convert what next kind of generates into a Netlify function. And then for other specific features, we kind of had to do some specific tweaking, live preview mode. You know, we use the cookie-base redirects to only SSR pages when preview mode is present. (Inaudible)Really had to kind of — where previously we were —

>> Your mic has just faded out on me. Okay. Testing.

>> Oh, yeah, much better.

>> I should have plugged in my better mic. We’re just using my laptop.

>> Okay, got you.

>> Let me know if it fades out again.

>> You’ll just have to use your radio voice today.

>> Oh, no. What radio voice?

>> Roll that beautiful bean footage.

>> Oh, my gosh. The recent work with internationalization. Oh, yeah, I just saw in the chat. Talk into the mic. Game music is a tad loud. That’s kind of true.

>> I just turned down everything in the game so that it should be hopefully a little less overwhelming.

>> Cool. Yeah, the recent work for the internationalization basically our package was looking for, like, pre-rendered HTML and JavaScript pages in certain directories with internationalization, the framework basically moves those files all under each particular locale that you configure for your project.

>> Oh, cool.

>> So, yeah, the scope of that work was saying like, okay, like, if you have internationalization configured in your project, then we have to kind of look in completely different places for —

>> Hmm.

>> For what the framework generates and where it needs to be for Netlify to run in properly.

>> It’s really exciting. For example, yesterday, I stood up a project that, you know, uses the API routes, it uses the file-based routing. All those things. And I just clicked that, like, there’s a one-click button now for the next plug-in for Netlify and it all just worked. Like I could hit the API routes. You could load the pages. You’ve really done a great job. Yeah, next on Netlify, yeah, I mean, keep your eyes open because maybe something, maybe something’s going to help. Works perfectly on nellify. Any site-generating framework with the exception of Next, which the team has made some specific choices in Next, I think everything else just works. I think it is going to have some new stuff and that will involve some integrations work. But, anyways, we’re not here to talk about work. We’re here to talk about Minecraft. So I think there’s something really interesting in Minecraft in that it’s a game that I — people have explained it to me so many times and I still don’t get how it’s a game because, like, what it looks like to me is sort of like if you could turn, like, Walden Pond into an open world where you have to do chores. Like, we’re cutting down trees, we’re digging holes, we’re breaking rocks. Like is it — is it a game or is it a tour simulator?

>> It’s both. It’s whatever you want it to be, Jason. ( Laughter ) I mean, I know I spent some time educating the team earlier at our off-site about speed-running, which is its own kind of subset — wow, I just saw the dab, the host alert. That’s excellent. Its own kind of niche world of the game where, yeah, you — there are certain, quote, unquote, bosses you can fight and defeat in the game. And so there are actually, you know, a dozen different speed run challenges. It’s not just going to kill the Ender,dragon, which is what I demoed for the team. The all-advancements challenge where people will stream for hours and hours and hours in a row

>> Okay.

>> Trying to get the fastest time to achieve every single possible advancement in the game and there are tons.

>> Are advancements if I get an axe I can cut down industries faster or is it something?

>> Yeah, basically let’s say you — as soon as you basically mine stone for the first time in the game, we’ll see that today almost certainly. I would hope. I would hope we would get that far. It will be like advancement, Stone Age.

>> Oh, interesting.

>> Just mined stone. When you mine diamonds, there is an advancement for that. When you breed two animals, there’s an advancement for that. So there are tons.

>> There is animal husbandry in Minecraft as well?

>> And villager husbandry.

>> Oh, jeez.

>> You can breed villagers as well. We can definitely stop by a village today.

>> I’m ready. I’m so ready. So let’s switch over and we’re gonna look at the screen here. So, first of all, before we get started, make sure you go and follow Lindsay on Twitter. That’s — it’s a nonstop fountain of just wonderful times. Definitely go and do that. And then we’re going to be playing Minecraft today, so that’s our goal. I’m using the Java version because that runs on Mac.

>> Yep.

>> And I made sure that I had it booted up and running. I played exactly enough of this game to make sure my keyboard worked, so I chopped down one tree, and that’s as much Minecraft as I have played.

>> Okay.

>> This is it. This is all I know.

>> We’re ready to go.

>> Okay.

>> I’m hoping it streams well.

>> Yeah, we’ll see. It should be okay. I’ve done some video stuff before and it’s been okay. So let’s give it a try. I’m going to go into just single-player mode.

>> Yep.

>> And I should just go into a new world.

>> Yeah, let’s just create a brand-new world. Even though you have, like, three birch logs in that other world. A whole new world.

>> I was really hoping you were going to sing that. \M A whole new world\M

>> I’m sorry. Not today. Maybe next time. I’ll prepare my vocals.

>> Do we need to — do we need to change any of she’s settings?

>> No, let’s do — let’s do difficulty — let’s do difficulty easy. Possibly we would want to start on peaceful just because I’m not sure you could kill someone at night yet, but we’ll see.

>> Kill someone at night. I mean, killing someone at night has always been a thing I’ve struggled with. ( Laughter ) All right. I’m going to create my new world.

>> That was very — that was very broad, but you will see, quote, unquote, like, mobs are what they’re referred to at night where you may have like a Zombie running toward you, a Creeper which will walk up to you explode, spiders, skeletons that shoot bows and arrows at you. What is your concerned face looking at?

>> I’m trying to figure out what this is.

>> The loading screen or this overlay?

>> Yeah, there was a weird overlay that got turned on that was like an old one. But, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. All right. So I’m in a field and I’m looking around. I can see some clouds.

>> Yep. Yes, you are. Decent spawn. Okay. Well, yeah, let’s go ahead and get some tools.

>> Okay.

>> So you’ll want to — let’s chop that tree down. Just go ahead and punch it a couple of times. We’ll get a couple of these logs. Don’t move off of whatever you’re punching or Axing because then it will cancel the action.

>> Oh, I got it, okay.

>> So you want to stay on it. Okay, pick that up. Cool. Let’s get one more.

>> I like that you can just kind of — you just, like, keep going. Also, I must have knuckles like leather.

>> Yeah, seriously. You’re getting very carried away. You do not need to chop the leaves down. We’re good with the logs.

>> But I’m a little disconcerted by this, like, flying leaf.

>> Why? Let it happen.

>> Okay. I choose to believe. I will suspend my disbelief.

>> It will disintegrate. See, it’s kind of starting to disappear on its own.

>> Oh, really? Interesting.

>> The one block disappeared. If you wanted to sit here and watch it, we could.

>> No, that’s okay. I’m sure there are more interesting things to do.

>> See, it’s — there it goes.

>> Oh, look at you, little tree buddy. Now I have a leaf.

>> Okay. So what you want to do now is press E to open your inventory. It gave you that little pop-up. Okay, so what you’re holding — look at your little person. So cute.

>> I know, look at me.

>> I love that, actually, I love that feature. Anyway, so there are your birch logs. What you want to do is drag the Birch logs up into that crafting area. The four squares where it says “crafting.” When you put it in any of those corners, it will turn your logs into planks

>> That’s cool.

>> Now, planks are what you can use to build things like or to create/craft things like sticks, which you need to create tools.

>> Okay.

>> A boat, for example. A shield. So if you pull those four planks on the right down into your inventory, then you just have them. You just drop them there.

>> Oh, and I can do that for like each Birch log?

>> Or if you hold — drop those. Hold shift and click the Birch planks.

>> Oh, and I just get them all.

>> You get them all.

>> That’s so much more efficient than what I was going to do.

>> But, hey, sometimes I forget and I just manually sound.

>> What is that sound?

>> That’s the Creeper. Okay. It’s a Zombie. There is a Creeper over there, but it’s a Zombie as well. Okay, don’t go down there. You’ll die. Those are Creepers. If they get close enough to you, you’ll hear like a fizzing sound, sizzling sound.

>> Good.

>> And then they’ll blow up after, like, two seconds and you’ll die.

>> Good, okay. All right. That’s exciting.

>> In your current state, you will die. Usually if you’ve been in a server long enough, you can get armor and then you’ll also maybe have a shield and you can survive some Creeper impacts, but —

>> Okay.

>> — you will die right now.

>> And I don’t want to do that. I want to live.

>> Okay. What I recommend we do is just get — just walk away from that hole in the ground.

>> Okay.

>> Let’s just go and just — okay, stop right here. And look towards the hill behind you. Oh, my gosh, I’m really driving. Okay, great. So what we’re — okay, so now stop. Open your inventory. We’re going to get some of that stone right there. That stone in the dirt that we’re looking at. So what we want to do is make a crafting table, and to do that is we take four Birch planks. So what you — there are a couple of different ways to do that. You right — you can right click on that stack, and that will pull — so right click — see how it’s 19 now? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> Got it.

>> So we want one in each corner of that crafting area. So one Birch plank in each corner. And this is completely, like —

>> Oh.

>> Your very first time. So you — if you played for a couple of days, you would be much quicker at crafting. This is literally your first time. So there you go. Drag your crafting table down.

>> Okay. So I have a crafting table.

>> Yes, you do. So now the only other thing — I might be wrong on this. Someone in the chat is speaking a language I don’t recognize. The only other thing I believe you can craft without actually using a crafting table are sticks, and the way you do that is very similar to what you just did, but instead of the four, squares in that crafting area, do two in a column. So top-right, bottom-right, or like that. See, it makes four sticks.

>> Nice. Okay, I have a stick.

>> Cool. Now we’re going to get — actually, okay, I’m getting carried away now. Look, we’re unlocking recipes. Will Jason play Among Us with Cassie at some point?

>> I hope so. That would be delightful.

>> If I am invited, I will play.

>> Cool. So now we want to go ahead and put that crafting table in your hot bar, which is that line —

>> This one?

>> That row. Yeah, that’s what you actually have access to when you’re walking around. So hit “escape” to get out of this inventory

>> Okay.

>> And let’s put the crafting table down.

>> Okay.

>> So you can — there are a couple of ways to do this. You’re on a mouse, right? Or no.

>> Yeah.

>> Thank God. If you were on a track pad, that would be disastrous.

>> I’m on a track pad, but I can figure this out.

>> You are on a track pad?

>> I am on a track pad.

>> Panic. S.O.S.

>> Do I have to do, like —

>> No, no, no, everything’s fine. You do not have a scroll wheel.

>> I do not have a scroll wheel. That is a fact.

>> Okay. Everything’s fine. Nobody panic.

>> Oh, wait.

>> Yes —

>> The number keys will let me do it.

>> As Wizard said, number keys work.

>> Okay.

>> However, I don’t prefer to use them because I don’t like navigating along all the numbers, but, yes, you clicked 3 and now you have it. So to place this crafting table, you right click. Just place it wherever you want. Oh, my gosh. It’s on the ground now. To use it or anything kind of like it, it’s not the only item of its kind, really. You may have a furnace or some other thing.

>> Okay.

>> Right click again when you’re looking at it.

>> Ooh, okay. And so now I can make more complicated things?

>> Yes. And that little green book is your recipe book.

>> Cool. All right.

>> So let’s grab that wooden Pickaxe.

>> Oh, my gosh. That is handy. I think I’m going to put these trees up here. I don’t need them.

>> Look at you organizing. Go off.

>> Does that mean I can use this to get rocks now.

>> Yes, you can. Let’s do it.

>> Wait, I got to pick up my thing. Do I just click it?

>> You don’t have to yet. You can leave it there. We’ll come back to it. Let’s get some stone. Oh, my gosh. Look at him go. See, Stone Age.

>> Doing chores. Doing stuff.

>> Oh, man, it’s not like — it’s survival, like you have to survive.

>> Right.

>> You will die if you just stand here in the server, so it is a survival mode.

>> I got it. I mean, yeah, it does make sense. I understand. I’m excited to unlock the achievement “paying bills.”

>> Magic.

>> I feel like that’s going to be a good one.

>> I mean, there is some sort of equivalent to that. We can trade with a villager. Okay. We have plenty of stones. Let’s go back to the table now.

>> Okay.

>> This wooden Pickaxe — so let’s make a stone Pickaxe now. It’s right next to the wooden Pickaxe.

>> Okay.

>> Cool. So drag that down. Get rid of — you don’t even need the wooden one anymore. You can put that in the top or throw it out.

>> Junk. Get it out of here. I actually probably don’t need to keep those available, right, because I’m not going to hit somebody with a Birch plank.

>> You’re absolutely right. You’re catching on so quickly. Look, getting an upgrade. So you just upgraded from the wooden to the stone.

>> Achievement unlocked.

>> I keep saying look every time an advancement happens, as if you can’t see. ( Laughter )

>> Please look. What I would love for us to do while we’re at this crafting table and to also make an axe and shovel because we will need those things as well.

>> An axe, shovel. Okay, so I have a shovel. I don’t have enough sticks.

>> You’re right. So what are we going to do about that?

>> I’m going to go cut down some trees.

>> No, no, no, no, you have the planks.

>> Oh, right. Okay. That makes sense.

>> And then later you can use your axe to get more wood.

>> Okay. So now I have that. So I can get stone shovel.

>> Yep.

>> Got it.

>> Perfect.

>> Axe.

>> That’s it. Right there.

>> I’m so ready. Okay.

>> I think we’re set now. You can get out and use — uh-oh, it’s nighttime.

>> What does that mean?

>> You’re gonna die. You’re so dead. You’re gonna die.

>> Oh, no, how do I pick up my thing and run?

>> Press 3. Okay, chop it.

>> Just chop the crafting table?

>> Yeah. Yep. Break it up. And then you’re going to pick it up and you place it down wherever you want again.

>> Okay, interesting. Also, the lightness is not enough on here. I can’t see anything. Turning that up. Okay.

>> Better? Okay. What are we supposed to do? We had no plan. You got to just — let’s look for a village or somewhere where you just start running, honestly. Run in the direction of open land. Okay, so you can — you’re not sprinting right now. You can sprint. I believe — I’ve bound it to something else. It might be “R” for you. If you hold down “R”. No?

>> “R” doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

>> Okay. Let’s hit “escape” then. Go into our settings. Options.

>> And controls. Sprint is left control.

>> Oh, yeah, why would it be “R”? “R” is the reverse. I don’t know. I don’t remember. I’ve changed all my buttons, so my apologies. But, okay, it looks like you’re running faster now, right?

>> I think so.

>> Okay, so a village will have lights on. So we can move in the direction of lights. Okay. There are some creepers on your right. Just keep going. Keep going. Oh, my gosh.

>> Ah! Oh, my God.

>> You’re fine.

>> Are they faster than me?

>> Nope, you’re faster, but eventually you will run out of energy and you will need food to eat. So, surprisingly your hunger has not gone down. Has anyone noticed that? What’s that about? Oh, now it’s going.

>> It’s difficulty easy.

>> Yeah, it’s difficulty easy, but I speed run on easy and usually run out of energy faster. Oh, my gosh, look at you.

>> Uh-oh.

>> Uh-oh. Okay, that’s fine. This is fine. They’re coming for you.

>> What are those red things?

>> Spider eyes.

>> No, I don’t want any of that. ( Laughter )

>> Oh, my goodness. Show me a village.

>> Okay. Let’s teach you about water. Go over to water. You’ll be safe in the water. No, no, no, no, turn left.

>> Which left?

>> Okay. Go back out of the water. Yep, in that direction where you were just looking. Right there. Nope. It seems there’s a delay. Don’t move.

>> This way?

>> Yes.

>> Okay.

>> Yes. Go where there is was like a waterfall coming out of the stone. I believe it was over to the left of that pond. Yep, there it is. There it is.

>> Got it.

>> So when you’re in water, this is not really gonna be helpful right now — oh, my God — you got to go. Run. I’ve led you astray. Or axe them. I’m watching your face.

>> Ah, what’s happening?

>> Just run.

>> I’m running. I’m so close to dead.

>> It’s okay. It’s okay.

>> But I wanted to live.

>> Okay, don’t take fall damage.

>> Oh, boy.

>> Okay, what I — okay, so just so everyone knows, we literally decided to have no plan going into this. ( Laughter ) So what we possibly could have done, I could have had him start mining underground. As the sun went down. So you didn’t die. And that is something we can do. However —

>> How are there no villages? I’m feeling very misled here.

>> So, they’re not super easy to find. Is what I’ll say.

>> That doesn’t look right.

>> You do not want to touch that. And snow villages are not common. That’s not actually a snow village.

>> That thing looks bad.

>> I think you’re gonna die and it’s fine. I think just accept it because you’re in such shambles right now.

>> Well, yeah, with that attitude.

>> Dig a hole and hide.

>> Yeah, but, like, what’s he gonna do? Then what? We’re streaming. We’re supposed to be making content.

>> Content.

>> Oh, wait, what’s that light over there.

>> That’s a village, right?

>> No, that’s definitely a lava pool.

>> It’s a lava pool?

>> You would be able to tell if it was a village.

>> Dang it.

>> Okay, so —

>> Are you a village?

>> Should we cheat just —

>> I don’t know.

>> And I’m asking both you and the chat. Should we cheat so — ooh, this is fun. Just so — okay, here’s what you can do. All right, a lot is happening. If you want to eat, you’re going to have to kill that —

>> Nope, dead. I didn’t even hear it.

>> I know. That’s — that’ll happen.

>> Come on now. Okay, so I’m respawned. Now what do I do?

>> Wizard, what I’m thinking is that because — because, like, we want stuff to happen, right? And so we can find a village and let Lindsay explain stuff. Here’s what I’m gonna have us do. We’re not gonna cheat on tool-making. Climb to your heart’s content.

>> Need a high vantage point so I can see the villages.

>> True. True. Smart thinking.

>> We’re survivors here. What are you?

>> Skeleton.

>> Can I punch this thing?

>> You can, but it will take many punches. Just keep punching.

>> Be dead. No, I want you dead. Quit shooting me. Boo. Well, I was shot to death by a skeleton.

>> Here’s what we’re gonna do.

>> Do what now? Hit “escape.”

>> Yeah. Open to LAN. Allow cheats. On.

>> Okay.

>> Start LAN world. Start LAN world. Okay. Let’s do time set zero. Just press “T”.

>> “T”?

>> Yep.

>> 0?

>> And then slash, forward slash. Because “T” is actually chat. So forward slash time. Time set zero.

>> Aha, I’m alive.

>> We made it.

>> I found a cave.

>> You did find a cave.

>> That seems like I will fall to my death in there.

>> You will. ( Laughter )

>> You hackers, you dirty hackers.

>> Did that come through mine? It probably did, honestly.

>> I’m gonna get — will this one work for wood as well or do I need Birch? So you were saying to eat, do I have to punch a cow? Is that —

>> So, yes, that is one way to eat. You can eat Zombie flesh.

>> I would — can you eat Zombie flesh? That seems like something that would end up going poorly for you.

>> Yes, you can. And actually a lot of speed runners run with just Zombie flesh.

>> Okay. Oak log. So I’m going to go up here. Why isn’t that working?

>> So, let’s remember we start with logs. We want to go straight from logs to planks. So we can’t actually use logs. We have to make planks from logs.

>> Oh, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right.

>> Yep.

>> And so then I — was it shift, click?

>> There you go.

>> Then —

>> There you go. There’s your crafting table.

>> Why is it not — okay, whatever, I’m just gonna do this.

>> That’s fine. Yep. That’s perfect. And then you’ll want some sticks, remember.

>> Yep. Here. And here. Okay.

>> Wow, that cow is so loud. [Cow mooing]

>> Okay. So now we go here. Open this up. Put — nope. There.

>> Yep.

>> And then I’m going to get a wooden Pickaxe. So that I can go get some rocks, right? Which I don’t know where those —

>> So let’s just start digging. You’re digging into the table. I think that’s actually wise. Let’s start punching the dirt and you can go down.

>> Literally digging myself a hole. Hey, I found a rock.

>> Oh, no, no, no, no, what about our Pickaxe? What about our wooden Pickaxe? Perfect. Okay, you have enough stone now to make a wooden pick. You can place the crafting table right in that little hole you made.

>> Okay.

>> Perfect.

>> Okay. Stone Pickaxe.

>> Yep.

>> Got it.

>> Now you might want to use that to get some more stone. So you don’t have to —

>> And then a stone shovel. I have enough for that.

>> You were right about that.

>> And I don’t have enough for an axe because I need — I have enough sticks, but I don’t have enough stone, so let’s get — that’s so much faster.

>> So much faster.

>> Okay. [Cow mooing]

>> Oh, not that. Here we go.

>> Punch the cow.

>> Wait, I can make a boat? That’s cool. I can make stairs. I’m gonna need a ladder, right? Otherwise, how do I get out?

>> You can use blocks to get out. Ladders will take a fair amount of wood.

>> How do I — wait, so to get out, I use blocks?

>> Okay, so here’s what we’re gonna do. Let’s break our crafting table so we bring that with us. The axe. You’ve got the shovel out right now.

>> That would —

>> Still the wrong axe, but that’s fine. The pick will work on the crafting table because it’s weak. The Pickaxe is more for stone and blocks. The axe is specifically for wood.

>> Ah, okay. So now — wait, now what do I do?

>> Okay, this is gonna be so fun. All right. Let’s get the dirt out of your like backpack situation. So open “E” for inventory.

>> “E” for inventory.

>> Bring it down. We’re going to select the dirt. Yes, take it in your hand. Excellent. So you’re going to jump and place it below you. You got it.

>> Why can’t I —

>> I don’t know. Is it possibly the track pad? I believe in you. I don’t know — and now —

>> I’m out of dirt. But I’m out.

>> Yeah, you’re out. Perfect. We got our tools again. Okay.

>> Now I’m ready for things. Should I punch a cow. What do you think, chat?

>> That is a horse. So don’t do that. If you had a saddle, you could tame it. You do not have hat and you probably will not have that today. Okay. So here are our options. Oh, there are sheep.

>> Axe a cow. Okay, we’re going to axe a cow.

>> Want to try to kill one?

>> Yeah, let’s do it.

>> Let’s get a critical attack, jump and axe to the head or body. [Cow mooing]

>> And it’s normal click.

>> Okay.

>> Bacon.

>> So —

>> Okay, I’m now a murderer.

>> You’re no longer a meat-friendly Minecraft stream. So what we could do, we could eat that raw.

>> Am I dying?

>> Yeah. When you have time, just don’t drown. Just hold space to get out. Yep.

>> Okay, I got it. I got it. Okay, what should I do next? I was definitely not paying attention.

>> That is totally fine. So we could eat it raw. We could eat that food that you got. So you got one piece of beef or steak.

>> Leather.

>> Leather.

>> So if we get enough leather, we can make a little like leather coat for ourself.

>> Oh, nice.

>> Some boots maybe. So we can eat this raw or we can cook it. What do you want to do?

>> To cook it, do I need to find, like, lava?

>> No. What we need to do. You know, it took me a second to really think about that because — maybe that should be a feature of the game.

>> Do you smell your friend? I’m sorry. Aww, pour one out. Sorry. So what we’ll need is to make — [Cow mooing]

>> As soon as he turns his back, bro. Are you serious? Wow. Shame on you.

>> So sorry.

>> Sorry. Okay. So we can make a furnace.

>> Okay.

>> So for a furnace, what we need is eight stone.

>> Eight stone? I can make — I can get some stone. I know how to do that.

>> Okay.

>> Probably. Oh, I see some. Here we go.

>> There’s stone over there, yep. Cool. Okay, we need that coal, too. Oh, my God, that’s so perfect. Okay, that’s coal.

>> Ooh.

>> And we can use that to power the furnace. If we didn’t find coal, we could also use wood, but it burns through wood much quicker than coal. Okay.

>> Doot, doot, do.

>> Okay, I’m just gonna let —

>> Is that enough, you think?

>> I think so. Nine? Yes. Okay, let’s hop out of this little hole. The mechanics are so clean. Yeah, place that — all right.

>> Okay.

>> So what we can do is look for the recipe. Let’s tab through page two. Go back to the compass in the top-left.

>> Oh, there’s pages. Gotcha.

>> Can you find it? It’s right next to campfire.

>> Got it.

>> Furnace.

>> Oh, nice, so you just — okay, got it.

>> Drag it down and we’ll want to place it next to the crafting table.

>> We just set it straight down?

>> Yeah, we can place it right next to the crafting table. And we’re gonna — yep. A natural. So the coal goes in the bottom. You can just click the — bring the whole slack. Okay. That also — you can also do that. Yep. The whole —

>> Nice. So, cooking. But bring the other beef up, too. You can drag that stack up there. This is right up your alley, Jason.

>> If I had known I could cook in this game, I would have been playing a long time ago. Does that mean there are other recipes? If I find some salt, maybe a nice red wine?

>> Yep, definitely — there are definitely grapes in the came that you can stomp and make wine.

>> Nice.

>> But there are other recipes like mushrooms. You can make mushroom stew. There are a couple of different things you can make.

>> Okay.

>> Can you make it see the character? There is an option to be third-person. So play the game. But it’s a little bit — yep.

>> Pressure plate. Whoa.

>> So that’s advanced stuff.

>> Got it.

>> That’s like automatically open — (Inaudible)

>> Okay. All right.

>> We’ve got some food now. Let’s break the furnace to bring with us. So take your Pickaxe out. Uh-oh, it’s nighttime.

>> Then I need my regular axe to get my crafting table. Got it.

>> Holy buckets, did that just work?

>> Now what do I do? Do I dig a hole?

>> Yeah, so what we can do is pass the night by going underground if you want. But what I will tell you is there are mobs underground as well. So you have to be prepared to fight for your life if you want to go underground. Kill sheep, make bed is what Abe says. Yeah, we could do that. We could absolutely do that. However, it’s already nighttime.

>> But I am the fastest sheep murderer in the west.

>> There they are. Right in front of you. You need three wool. There’s a skeleton. You can kill it. I believe in you. That’s fine, just dodge the arrows.

>> Why doesn’t my — I don’t — I think I’m not swinging. Like, something is going wrong. Because it doesn’t seem like I’m actually hitting the skeleton.

>> Okay. Here’s where I’ll say something is wrong. You’re on a track pad. Like, I don’t know that I could kill anyone on a track pad, but I think we’re close enough that we can just go get our stuff back. Let’s go ahead and one more time, time set zero, just to reset ourselves.

>> Okay, so —

>> Next time we’ll have a bed and we’ll be doing — excellent. So, all these people should burn alive, hopefully, or we’ll run by them. So we should maybe be able to find where we just were and get our stuff back. We were — we didn’t stray that far, right? That’s too high. Yep. We were in some sort of pond. Okay, there were the sheep. Okay, so to the left I think is where we died. Yeah. That’s right where we died.

>> My stuff.

>> Well, that’s the flesh that you can eat, but, also, yes, your stuff.

>> I didn’t realize that was an option. That’s cool. Okay. Ooh, a pig.

>> Okay, maybe let’s —

>> Haven’t found my axe yet.

>> Is it in the water? Let’s keep looking around. There’s your wooden Pickaxe. It wouldn’t be that far out. Let’s see. Oh, there it is.

>> Okay.

>> — to say the least.

>> Okay, so let’s. Hey, little pig, sorry, but you are going to be bacon.

>> It’s tough when they start to move around.

>> Whoa. You should kill that.

>> Can I kill that?

>> Yes. Okay, you got it. There you go. Monster hunter. Let’s go!

>> Excellent. Okay. All right.

>> We want — let’s get some sheep. Cool.

>> That’s right. I forgot why we were here.

>> All right. Head on over to this guy. Does the food spoil if you keep it too long? No. Okay. We don’t seem to have a third sheep. Hopefully we will find one before nightfall. [Cow moos]

>> You’re crushing it.

>> Now I’m just doing it because I need the rush.

>> The rush. That’s alarming, but don’t worry me at all.

>> A ship?

>> A ship? What?

>> A ship? Two ship.

>> What? I’m sorry, what.

>> I was talking about sheep.

>> Oh — sorry, I’m slow. We don’t want that. We don’t want that. We’ll keep running.

>> I see a pig. Maybe there’s a sheep over here. Has word spread about me? You never learn.

>> I love watching your face. Your head moves with the cow.

>> I’m so bad at this. Like, when I was a kid, I was the kid who would, like, play games by jumping around with Mario. You know what I’m talking on?

>> Yep, sure do.

>> Okay. One of you has got to be a sheep, though. Like, where —

>> Okay. We’ve got food. We’re chilling on the food.

>> I want to make myself a leather tent, leather armor.

>> You could.

>> Any of you — is that — those aren’t sheep, are they?

>> Just flowers. Pig.

>> Flowers, pigs. Did I just do a big circle?

>> Yes, we’ve been running in the same field this whole time. Let’s explore. What I want you to do is press “T”. [Cow moos]

>> Slash locate.

>> Auto complete.

>> Village. Okay, that’s pretty far. Pretty far. We could run there, however, let’s teach you about coordinates.

>> Okay.

>> You need to do F3.

>> F3? Wait, do I need to turn this off?

>> You need to get out of there.

>> Whoa.

>> So, right there, the XYZ kind of mid-left. You see that XYZ three coordinates?

>> Got it.

>> That’s where we are. I thought the middle was — yeah, the middle is Z. So if we go back —

>> You hackers. You dirty hackers.

>> I do feel a little bit like I’m seeing the matrix here.

>> It is. We can make this smaller if you’d like so it’s not taking up your whole screen when you leave it up or it’s up to you.

>> It’s okay. So we’re trying to find. It was 464.746.

>> Yes, negative 464, negative 768. So we are moving in the right “X”.

>> Where is my “Y”?

>> Yes, we’re moving in the right “Y” now.

>> Okay, so if I just keep going this way forever. No!

>> We are gonna go find a village. Is it a Steam game? No.

>> No, this one is like a straight download. I got it off They have a windows and a Mac version. Does the Java version run in Lenox? I don’t know. Probably. It has to. Are you sprinting.

>> Hey, sheep. No, duck.

>> That’s definitely a chicken.

>> That’s still a chicken.

>> Still need that sheep so that we can make our bed.

>> That’s like a — is that thing dangerous? Can I eat it?

>> Can you eat the squid? All right. Let’s keep running. Focus on the mission.

>> I’m on it. I’m on it.

>> All right. All right. We’ll get there in no time.

>> Do I need to chop this tree down? Where am I? I’m just going to keep going this way.

>> Yes, I hate running through the trees. All right. So we’re going negative 468, negative 768.

>> What the hell was that?

>> What are those again? What are those called? Thorn berries or something. I actually don’t know what they’re called. [Cows mooing] Still not sprinting. It’s fine.

>> I keep forgetting to sprint. I have to hold a button for it and it throws me off.

>> It’s a habit to form, for sure. Thorns, yeah. Okay, wait. Our “X” is wrong. Our “X” is wrong. Our “X” is going down the direction we want it to go. Cool. Nope, now the “Y” is wrong.

>> Which direction am I supposed to be running here?

>> You want to go negative/negative.

>> Let me out. Negative/negative? Not going negative/negative.

>> Yep.

>> Here?

>> Yep.

>> There we go.

>> So what could help you is that number — so where the XYZ is, four rows below that or three rows below it, a block chunk and facing north, and it gives you a number. So when you’re facing the right direction, it’s about 150. So you can just make sure you’re pointing in 150 to go negative/negative. Drop those leaves. — chop those leaves.

>> Get out of here.

>> Yes, very well said. Okay.

>> Whoa —

>> Oh, my gosh. Whoo. Walk around that. You would have died.

>> Yeah, that seems like maybe not the way we want to go.

>> Okay.

>> So those are the things that hurt me, right?

>> Yeah. You need to get away from those. Okay. We’ve got about 200 — 200 blocks to go. In this direction. We got this. Surely we get there before nightfall. Matt is right. We need to eat.

>> Okay. So do I just eat?

>> Yeah, bring the bacon. No, no, no, no, no. Bring it into your bar —

>> Oh, I got you.

>> Just drag it straight on to your face. That should be a feature. Okay. Right click and hold. Hold right click until you’re done chomping on that. Okay, now you’re great. Let’s keep running because the sun’s down and we’re living on a prayer right now. [Cow mooing]

>> Oh, my God, I’m so stuck. Let me out.

>> Can you break the dirt in front of you? I don’t — I can’t really see.

>> Oh, my God, I can’t see at all.

>> Okay, I believe 200 blocks. We can do this. Oh, my gosh, if you die, I’m gonna be so sad. He didn’t kill enough sheep. He needs three wool.

>> We couldn’t find a third sheep.

>> We’re close, though. We’re 200 blocks. Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. Just keep running. No matter what.

>> Just keep running. Just keep running.

>> Oh, my God, I hear the skeleton. Okay. You got this. You got this. Oh, my gosh, it’s literally so dark.

>> Yeah, I can’t see anything.

>> I believe in you.

>> That’s a spider thing.

>> It’s okay. You can kill it. You can kill it. Right next to you. Got it.

>> Okay, but attack it with your axe.

>> You got it.

>> Why won’t it, like —

>> There you go.

>> Did I kill it?

>> Yes.

>> Jesus.

>> Don’t move. Eat. 4, eat. Okay. Now you run again. You really got to run. You’re in the wrong direction. Just remember that number, 150. Yep. Nope.

>> I’m trying.

>> It’s okay.

>> Daytime, though.

>> No, no, no, no, no!

>> I can’t even see. Can you see.

>> There’s a Creeper next to you. Okay. Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God, I feel like I’m just holding the run button.

>> Okay, just stop. We’re cheating again. I can’t handle it.

>> What am I doing?

>> Time set zero. Please, quick. After this, we’ll have a bed. Let’s just go in the direction of negative/negative. We’re almost at the village.

>> Negative/negative is here. Man, those — that leaf is really tough to work in.

>> True. Actually —

>> What’s going on now?

>> We’ll be able to make a bed now because we have string from spiders. But let’s just get to this — let’s just get to this village.

>> Oh, my God.

>> We’re going in the wrong “X”.

>> We are? Oh, I — okay.

>> Yeah. That’s the direction. Oh, my gosh, we are living on a prayer. Still going.

>> Oh, God.

>> Wrong “X.”

>> I don’t know how to get up this thing.

>> Okay. We got this. So what you can do is break blocks and then place blocks.

>> Oh, no.

>> So instead of —

>> Okay. All right. Here we go.

>> Let’s do this. Let’s climb the mountain. This is great. Yep. Cool. Cool. Keep going, yep. Climb that.

>> Okay. So now I’m going — that’s the direction that we need to go, I think. Hey, a sheep. No, not a sheep.

>> No, more chickens. Okay, so, I need you to stop.

>> I have stopped.

>> Okay. See that number on the fourth line? Yes, that was a sheep. Okay, we’re almost at the “Y” now. Do not die, though.

>> Great. Now I have enough for a bed? Or I had enough for a bed already.

>> Yes, but it’s okay. Let’s go ahead and do a couple of things here.

>> Sorry, I’m just — I’m on a murder spree.

>> Let’s place the furnace down.

>> Okay, furnace. This one.

>> Yep.

>> We’ll cook some more food.

>> Okay.

>> So we’ve got nine beef there. We want to make sure to put the coal in. Yep.

>> Okay.

>> So that’s doing a pork chop. I think that’s from the pig. Once that’s — okay, great. So let’s leave that. Get out of that. That will be cooking while we —

>> Oh, that just does its thing?

>> Yeah, that just does its thing.

>> Place the crafting table.

>> Crafting table is 7. Okay.

>> So, we should be able to see if we page through, a bed. There it is. Second page. Why can’t we make it? Click it. We don’t have enough wood. However, click —

>> I can solve that, though.

>> Yes. Perfect.

>> Okay. So let’s do that. It’s cycling through the types of logs. Right click that. Right click where you just were, the planks and the recipe book. Right click. And click that on the left. That’s the spruce that you have.

>> Okay.

>> And drag the spruce down. And now you can make the bed.

>> Got it. Okay. And so then when it’s nighttime, can I just throw that on the ground and —

>> And hope right on.

>> They magically don’t attack?

>> Well, it will pass the time. You’re able to basically place the bed, click right, you lay down and in about 5-ish seconds, if there aren’t any monsters nearby, you’ll be able to —

>> Gotcha. Okay. Should I make anything else? Look at all this stuff I can make.

>> Yeah, you want to make a leather cap?

>> Plus-three armor. I feel like I need armor because things keep attacking me.

>> Yeah, let’s do the leather chest — however you say that word.

>> Okay. And then once I have that, I’m out of leather.

>> Yep.

>> Okay. That’s fine. But then if I go here —

>> Matt is right, it does reset the spawn. But if you break the bed, I don’t think it resets the spawn, Matt.

>> Okay. So now I have more steak. I can throw — I’ve got mutton on there.

>> Cool. So let’s — let’s put the steak in our hot bars and eat that. Actually, not really, but our health is low. So let’s eat that so our health can get regen. Because our health won’t regenerate unless we’re at full or close to full hunger. There you go. So, while that’s finishing cooking, let’s look at these numbers on the screen, okay?

>> Okay.

>> So you see we’re at negative 223, negative 757. So the “Y,” we’re basically right at the village, but the “X,” we’re about 200 blocks away still. So what we’re gonna want to do is figure out which direction is moving towards negative “X”. So you can see that in the fourth line. As you swivel around, see on the fourth line a —

>> Oh, it just says towards negative “Y”.

>> Yep.

>> Okay.

>> So that’s what we wanna Da. We wanna get to negative 450 or whatever it was.

>> Okay.

>> We don’t want to change the “Y”. So you just want to run in the one direction. Okay. Let’s take that stuff out. Oh, my God. Where is that guy? I don’t know. Break the furnace and break the crafting table. Yeah.

>> And then I go toward negative “X”.

>> Okay, cool. This is great. This should be fine. 200 blocks away. Let’s go!

>> Hey, look, I actually get a little staircase this time. This is way easier.

>> It’s just pure orangey. Yep, you can use the shovel. What are you? Is that a goat?

>> It’s a wolf/dog.

>> So, I probably don’t.

>> You can tame that. I think you have a bone, actually. Do you want a dog to follow you around?

>> Hell yeah I want a dog to follow me around. This is everything I ever could have wanted. Where’s that dog?

>> Sorry, can I swear on stream? Probably not, eh.

>> I mean, PG-13.

>> Yeah, my apologies. Twitch stream usually with my usual communities are a little less PG. Yeah, so, right click. Yes, best friends forever.

>> Yes! Okay.

>> So now he’s sitting.

>> What does that mean?

>> He’s just sitting staring at you. Right click again to get him, like, out of the sitting position. So I think now if you move away from him, he should follow, or we put him back in the sitting position. I’m not sure. Can we tell what he’s doing?

>> Unclear.

>> All right. Maybe deselect the bone. So get off the bone. He’s so shambled right now. [Dog barking]

>> Okay. I think he’s not sitting anymore, right?

>> No, he’s not sitting anymore.

>> He should follow you or he just sucks as a dog. Either way, let’s —

>> There you go. Good dog.

>> Let’s keep going to this village. Negative “X.”

>> Towards negative “X”.

>> Please. Please. This is all that matters to me. [Dog barking] Okay, we have — we’re 100 blocks away. We’re so close.

>> Oh, I can sprint now.

>> I see it. I see it. This is village ground. You see it.

>> Ooh, yeah, and I found something that hurts me.

>> Yes.

>> Okay, so this is a village.

>> This is a village. It is. And that’s a guy — that’s a villager.

>> Okay, you want to get this terrible number thing off your screen?

>> Yeah, that was F3.

>> Yep. Okay.

>> And look, there’s your dog.

>> My dog!

>> You get to name it.

>> What should I name this dog? What should I name my dog, chat?

>> Yeah, don’t hit the villager.

>> Hey, how do I, like, not hit the villager. I’ll hold steak so if I hit him, I’ll just hit him with a steak.

>> That’s actually kind of genius.

>> Farmer.

>> If you right click a villager, and if he — I just realized there are only male villagers or they’re just agender. I don’t know. The villager, you can trade with them. So, for example, this villager will trade 20 wheat for an emerald. Or 15 beetroot for an emerald.

>> Which I do not have.

>> What you can do with emeralds is trade for other things like enchantments, armor, depending on what the job is.

>> Okay.

>> So let’s look around this village.

>> Why am I hitting him?

>> You’re killing him!

>> I don’t to him him. I’m literally hitting control — I just killed a villager. Thank you for your help, frank.

>> What?

>> Nobody saw that, right?

>> What do you mean you weren’t trying to kill him? Like, what —

>> I was doing the right click thing. Oh, no. Okay. I have done something wrong here. Because, look, I’m trying so hard to double click right now. I don’t understand.

>> You have to hold it to eat, not double click. Is that what you’re trying to do.

>> I don’t know what I’m trying to do. I was — really just wanting to, you know, talk to them.

>> Okay. Let’s go ahead and place our bed down and sleep.

>> Whoops. Whoa, whoa, I’m hitting all the buttons. I want this button. Oh, God. Here we go.

>> Oh, my gosh. Now just wait for time to pass. It will take you out of bed when it’s done.

>> Okay. And then I break this down with a Pickaxe or regulation axe?

>> It breaks so easy.

>> Okay.

>> Okay, so I low-key hate this village. This is not a great village. This is like — this not my favorite village. Lots of other types of village — yes, someone in chat, your mod said good thing there is no Golem. Usually in villages there is an Iron Golem, which is a scare monster looking thing and he walks around very slowly, but if you hit a villager or him, he will come around and murder you.

>> Oh, good.

>> So that’s missing from this village. What’s also missing. Oh, that’s a baby. See?

>> Okay, but for real, though, why is it swinging? I have leather. Three emerald for pants. It would be good to have pants. I’m sorry. No! Why do I keep hitting people.

>> Your computer is broken.

>> No, okay, I need my controls to be, like — I don’t know why it keeps doing that.

>> Let’s take a look.

>> Left button, middle button, right button. I’m going to change this to be “E.” No, can’t be “E.” “R”. That way I won’t kill people anymore

>> You realize that attack is left click, right?

>> What? But, look, why am I swinging? Did you see that?

>> You’re hitting left click, right?

>> No, I’m hitting “R”.

>> Oh, I see. Okay, yes, I understand. Because what — yes, no, no, no, this is expected behavior. Now that we — clear communication. When you right click a villager that doesn’t have a job, like a baby, for example, that is the default response where he’s like, I don’t have a job. I can’t help you. You’re swinging to be like, okay.

>> What?

>> Walk up to that tall guy. See how he’s like nodding his head and he’s like, I don’t have a job. I can’t do anything.

>> Okay. But I’m not hurting them?

>> That swinging motion with the right click is or with “R” is you trying to interact with the villager. However, I don’t know how you murdered the other one. That was very confusing.

>> I think that was me doing a very bad job of, like, not understanding how how to do things. So, you know, killed a child.

>> They — day one. Oh, my gosh, your dog is blocking you.

>> Okay, so now what do I do?

>> I was hoping that at this village we would find hay bails because that is traditionally where I get food source, villages that have hay bails. What you can do is take some of this. We can use that to make pie, but we’re not gonna do that.

>> It’s a pumpkin.

>> It’s a pumpkin.

>> Got it.

>> What’s that — see that, like, beige soft yellow stuff? That’s wheat. Let’s just go ahead and get that. Yep, get all that.

>> Steal this farmer’s wheat. I’m into it.

>> Yep. Let’s craft some bread.

>> Okay. Craft some bread. Which I’m gonna do on my crafting table?

>> Yep.

>> Oh, wait, I did it like this now. Okay. So bread.

>> (Inaudible)

>> Okay. Why wouldn’t it let me just do all of them? Okay. No more. No more bread.

>> Okay, so we’re kind of set on food. Now, what some people might do here is they may choose land to build a house. Start a little base. That’s the Golem.

>> Oh. Good thing I didn’t hit anybody in front of him.

>> Yes. In speed runs, people will kill the Golem because he drops iron. You can make better armor, better tools with the iron. Unless you want me to teach you.

>> I don’t know that I want to attack a Golem, given that I Kent even kill skeletons.

>> Okay. Let’s chop down some logs because I think we might be low.

>> I like the anti-gravity aspect of —

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> Cool. We got a bunch. Now, what we can do is we can go underground and start looking for diamonds, other things to mine for.

>> Just like right here in the middle of this village?

>> Wherever your heart desires, really.

>> I’m into it. All right. Let’s go, dog.

>> Whatever you want to do in the game and what do we want to do on food? [Dog barking]

>> I’m ready. We’re just gonna go down. Is there a point where I’m gonna get down here and just drop into hot lava?

>> Very possibly. You know you can dig one don’t. You don’t need to do all four.

>> I thought we needed a lot of rock.

>> Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no no, no.

>> What have I done.

>> Do you hear that? Witch laugh.

>> What does that mean? Is there a witch down here?

>> Yes. Just be careful. It can throw potions at you and kill you. Just keep digging down. [Witch cackles]

>> Did you hear that? You have to have heard that.

>> So that’s the witch here?

>> Yeah. My dog. Frank, come back!

>> Just keep going. Just full send. Got 15 minutes left. You’re dead.

>> Not dead.

>> Okay.

>> Help me, dog. Come on, frank. Make them dead.

>> Yeah, frank is a gangster.

>> Wait, I’ve never — wait. Wait. We’re exploiting the game.

>> We’re doing what now?

>> This is a strategy I’ve never considered before.

>> Which is to get a dog and live forever?

>> Your dog straight-up protected you.

>> Where are the rest of these fools.

>> Oh, no. The witch. It’s over. I’m sorry. There’s no way for me to get you out of this.

>> I didn’t even see the witch. Okay. I’m out in a field. All right. Let’s maybe try this again. So there’s no way I’m respawning — going to get my stuff. So I just need to build it again. We can cheat and go back if you want, for the sake of the stream.

>> I don’t know if I want to warp to a witch. That seems like a bad idea.

>> We did lose the dog.

>> Aww, frank. I hope you killed the witch in my honor. Avenge me, Frank.

>> Witches can throw stuff at you, poison you, and if you don’t have milk or something to get out of it, then you just die.

>> You just, like, slowly die? This is going well for me. Do I have enough? I have enough now. Okay, so I’m going to make a crafting table by taking these — no, I need those first. So, okay. (Cow mooing)

>> Then —

>> Oh, yep. Excellent.

>> See that? Did you see that?

>> That was so good.

>> Looked like a pro.

>> You are a pro. That was the cleanest crafting table creation I’ve ever seen.

>> All right. Now I have a crafting table, but I don’t have any sticks, so I need to make a stick.

>> Yep.

>> Which I can do on here. Let’s get sticks. One more. All right.

>> That’s a great call by your chat. Yes.

>> What was that, chat? What you got?

>> Linda said a real benefit to build yourself a safe space so because you lose everything when you die. Possibly we could have kept some things, some tools maybe in a chest, but, really, all we had were the tools we were gonna take with us anyway because we were trying to go down and mine for things. So —

>> Okay, so now that I have this, I need to go get some stones.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Which are here. I referred to sprint.

>> Excellent. Learning. Growing. Love that. It is nighttime, though. Kind of startling. [Cow mooing]

>> Yes.

>> Should we do the time set thing?

>> Sure, yeah. We don’t have a bed, so —

>> Yeah, let’s just do it so that we don’t have to die again.

>> Yep.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah, you can. But then we — we’d be stuck for a whole night. I think we got enough stone.

>> Okay. So then I can do my crafting table. We can get one of these. One of — why — should I get a sword? That seems like something I maybe should have had.

>> So axes do a lot of damage as well, so —

>> And where is my stone axe? I’m short on everything. Okay. Let’s do this again.

>> You need more sticks.

>> More sticks, which I have — oh, but I didn’t have —

>> You have the stone, not the sticks.

>> Now, if I go —

>> Literally —

>> Stone axe. Okay. All right. I’m ready. So let’s get my stone Pickaxe. And we were — are we going for diamonds like — do you have to go down or can you go over or how does that work?

>> Traditionally, okay, diamonds are found between the “Z” levels of, like, 8 and 16. So we got to go down, down, down. And there are a couple of different strategies, like strip mines where people will go to about level 10.

>> Do I need a torch or something?

>> That would be nice. However, we don’t have coal. Torches require sticks and coal.

>> I’m finding coal.

>> So dark.

>> Now I literally can’t see. Oh, there’s my — there’s the top of my hole.

>> Yep.

>> What do I have now? I found —

>> Okay, you can make — you can make a torch. Look to the left right there. There’s a torch. A torch recipe. Yes. Let’s get four of those right now. Okay.

>> Okay. So then if I go —

>> You can place one on the wall. If you had, like, shaders, you could, like, add — maybe chat knows something I don’t know, but I know certain shaders if you are holding the torch with your off-hand, it lights the path for you, but —

>> Ooh, what am I finding? Clay?

>> That’s granite. I don’t think it — I don’t think in vanilla it lights the path for you. Jay asked. But, yeah, try to put it in your off-hand, like so go to the torch. And then press “F”. Okay, so now you have something in your other hand.

>> Oh. Dual wielding.

>> Yes, dual wielding. So, yeah, only with certain — if you had a particular shader, like a mob hack, then that would, like, light the path for you, but it’s just gonna stay dark.

>> Okay.

>> If you press right click right now, it would place the torch. Even though it’s in your wrong hand. So it’s convenient that way. Okay, that’s iron. That’s great. We love that. We can make a shield with that.

>> I like iron.

>> Good. Well, you just went right by all the iron, but it’s fine.

>> Oh, wait. Oh, I need to go back up to that?

>> We — yes.

>> Oh, jeez. Here, here, here.

>> Going past. Yeah, he really just flew right on by. Okay. The torch is gonna block you from building up. So, break it. Just swing at it. Cool.

>> Is this the iron?

>> I can’t really see.

>> Let me get a torch back on this. Right above you, yeah. Okay, what color is that? Peach?

>> This one?

>> That peach stuff. Yeah, that’s iron ore. And we’ll need to furnace that to get iron inget. Don’t ask me what an iron inget is. I don’t know what it is outside the context of Minecraft. Can you show us how to build a —Inaudible ] Yes, but I don’t think we can right now.

>> I think with the amount of — I mean, we’re pretty much out of time here, so — so this — oh, no, my torch.

>> That’s okay.

>> So, basically, like, from here, we just get more and more advanced with the types of things we can build, right? Like, we’re gonna be building more, like, I just heard mine cart, which is, like, wow.

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> I see the chat is offended by us being done, but — yeah, no, I definitely think, like, I could play this game for a long time. I can’t believe it’s already been 90 minutes.

>> Yep.

>> But, yeah, I mean, this is, like — this is — I can see how people get lost in this game. There’s a lot to do. There’s a lot to learn. And it stays pretty engaging. Which is — which is really fun.

>> Yeah, well said.

>> You do speed runs and stuff on this, right?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Okay. So I think I’m gonna — I am going to call it here. So let’s save and quit. And then I’m going to get out of full screen mode, if I can. Actually, I’ll go over here and figure out how to quit that later. Yeah, so make sure you go and follow Lindsay on Twitter. Remember that the show is sponsored by — do it here. Yeah, so we’ve got the live captions going. That is done by White Coat Captioning. We’ve got Jordan helping us out today. That is made through the generous contributions who all pitch in to make this show more accessible to more people, which I very much appreciate. So, Lindsay, you also stream games, right, on Twitch?

>> I actually don’t. I have streamed before, but I do not regularly stream by any means, no.

>> Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Okay, cool. So, for anybody who wants to, usually the stream is not for games. Usually this stream is for code, and you can see the schedule here at learn with — He’s got some really creative stuff and I’m excited to see what he comes up with. Make sure you tune in for that. We’re going to do some animation. And then after the new year, we’re going to have Orta come on and talk about typescript. So December 22nd is going to be the last one for a year. I’m going to take a break, do some holiday stuff. Sit inside myself and pretend I can see my family because it’s still pandemic times. Lindsay, is there anywhere else people should follow you other than Twitter?

>> No, nowhere at all.

>> Absolutely not.

>> Do not look for me anywhere, please. ( Laughter )

>> No, just the Twitter shout-out is great. I appreciate that. Yeah, it’s been a pleasure. There were definitely some pain points trying to drive.

>> I mean, you know, also just me playing any game is guaranteed gonna have some pain points. You were a natural. You picked it up actually quite quickly

>> It was really fun. I had a lot of fun. And so, with that, I’m just gonna say thank you so much for coming on and playing a game with me today. You were a great teacher. I feel like we learned a lot, and, chat, I hope you had fun. I hope this was a good break of something just fun and different on the show and you had a good time. If you did, let me know, because we can always do more of these.

>> Yeah.

>> With that, I think stay tuned. We’re gonna raid and we will see you next time.

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