Learn With Jason — live coding with friends!

Oh Hey.

At its core, Learn With Jason is powered by the community. Live viewers are able to participate in episodes by chatting, playing sound effects, joining giveaways, and other interactive elements.

The show is always so much more fun when you show up to ask questions, tease Jason, offer up ideas, and help out with suggestions and information.

Sound Effects

These are all the currently available sound effects on the stream along with a short description of what they say and why you might use them.

blitzed!redeem blitzedYOU JUST GOT BLITZED
code!redeem codeSo we need… code?
compooper!redeem compooperC’mon li’l compooper!
focusup!redeem focusupShould we focus up?
haxxors!redeem haxxorsIs the chat trying to hack us? Call ’em out!
holybuckets!redeem holybucketsDid something cool just happen? Celebrate with a “holy buckets!”
justwork!redeem justworkIt would be neat if this just worked…
oofda!redeem oofdaWell. That was exciting.
plzhold!redeem plzholdPlay some elevator music while things are installing.
sonofa!redeem sonofaSON OF A BISCUIT
thiswillwork!redeem thiswillworkThis will work. YES.
whyyy!redeem whyyyWhy are you like this? Ideal for uncooperative computer moments.

All sound effects cost 10 BlitzBucks™, a made up currency that you earn by watching the show live on Twitch. You can get bonuses for participating in chat, following the channel, and subscribing.


Sometimes guests on the show will have something to give away, whether that’s swag, books, or something else cool. The only way to win is by being present in the chat, so come watch live! Check the schedule for the next event and tune in to win!