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Career Advice

Looking to land your first job? Your next job? Grow your network? These episodes are full of tips to help you build your career.

Build Your Own Developer Training Quest

The team at Wilco is building “a flight simulator for developers” to help devs level up their skills in real-world scenarios. Lior Brauer will teach us how to build a custom Wilco quest.

Level Up as a Developer Through Practice

Wilco is a "flight simulator for developers" that offers real world scenarios to help devs level up through practice. CTO Shem Magnezi gives us a tour.

Find Your Next Open Source Contribution

Contributing to open source is a great way to build your career and network, but how do you find a good issue to work on? Brian Douglas has the deets!

AMA and Coding Q&A

Join Jason for an AMA + coding Q&A! Bring your questions about developer experience, growing your network and career, building for the modern web, and more!

AMA: Developer Experience, DevRel, Jamstack, JavaScript, and more!

What do you want to know about Developer Experience, Developer Relations, Jamstack, JavaScript, or interviewing and getting into a web development career? In this AMA, Jason will answer your questions!

Hiring & Getting Hired in Tech

How do you stand out when applying for jobs? Is there such thing as a "good" tech interview? What questions should you be asking? 😫 Join this Q&A with Sarah Drasner to get your questions answered!