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Cloudinary is an asset management platform with URL-based APIs for optimizing and transforming images and video. Learn how to use Cloudinary in your web apps from expert developers in these episodes.

Better Images in Next.js with Cloudinary

Cloudinary provides powerful transformation APIs so you don’t have to waste time fiddling with images. Colby Fayock has a new library for Next.js to make it even easier.

Better Assets with Cloudinary & GraphQL

For image & video processing, Cloudinary is a top-notch tool. In this episode, Domitrius Clark teaches us how to combine Cloudinary and GraphQL for incredible asset management!

Automate Image Performance Using ASTs

To get the best possible website performance, we should be optimizing our images, generating different sizes for different viewport resolutions, and adding support for lazyloading. That’s a lot of work — unless you automate it. In this episode, Phil Hawksworth ( teaches us how to improve image performance automatically using AST transformations.

Build a Gatsby Transformer Plugin for Cloudinary

In a marathon solo stream, Jason builds out most of a Gatsby transformer plugin to upload local files to Cloudinary and add support for using Cloudinary images in gatsby-image.

Image & Video Magic with Cloudinary

Managing images and video for the web can be a pain: resizing, color adjustment, switching file formats, cropping, and so many other small adjustments add up to a large hassle. On this episode, Tessa Mero joins to teach us how Cloudinary makes media management quick and painless using their image and video APIs.