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Creative Coding

Code as an artistic medium expands your skill set and allows you to explore your creativity. Get ideas from creative coders in these episodes.

Build Your Own Audio Visualization In a Shader

Getting into shaders and writing GLSL might sound intimidating, but don't be scared! Char Stiles will teach us to code our own visualizations in the browser.

Make Music With Code

Code can be used to make art, and Dan Gorelick is an artist that uses code to make music. In this episode, learn how we can generate music on the fly!

Build Your Own TwilioQuest Content

TwilioQuest is an educational video game that teaches us to code through 16-bit role-playing nostalgia. Margaret Staples will teach us how to create custom content for TwilioQuest in this episode!


Remember the old Nokia phone snake game? In this episode, Joe Nash will introduce us to an evolution of the game, Battlesnake, where we code our own snake and see how far we can go!

Create a Timewarp Filter in TensorFlow.js

Let's recreate the popular TikTok timewarp filter using a webcam and TensorFlow.js. Machine learning's favorite mad scientist, Gant Laborde, will teach us how!

Whimsical SVG Animations Using GSAP

One of the best ways to learn is to build things that make you smile. In this episode, Jhey Tompkins will teach us to build a playful SVG animation using Greensock.

Build a Multiplayer Soundboard Using Firebase

What’s more fun than a soundboard? A soundboard you can play with people around the world in real time! In this episode, David East will teach us how to build one using Firebase!

A Single (Spooky) Div

Lynn Fisher's A Single Div project demonstrates just how far we can creatively push CSS. In this special spooky episode, she’ll teach us how she does it! 🎃

Let's Learn D3.js!

Data visualizations add a ton of clarity and value to our apps, but getting started can be daunting. Shirley Wu teaches us how we can get started with D3.js to make charts, graphs, and more!

Get Weird with Audio on the Web

When it comes to audio on the web, the rabbit hole goes deep. In this episode, Ken shows us some of the weird, wonderful, creative ways we can build fun web experiences with audio.

Dev Improv: Tell Us What To Build!

What happens when Cassidy and Jason take suggestions from chat and try to build something on the fly? Chaos, probably. Come join in on the fun!

Control Apps with Your Thoughts

We were promised mind-controlled apps in the future — and with Charlie Gerard the future is now! In this episode, she teaches us about neurotech by building a thought-controlled app.

Build a Realtime Twitch Game

What happens when Cassidy Williams joins Jason to build an interactive game? A whole lot of shenanigans, we hope! Join the fun as Cassidy & Jason build something fun together & try to make each other laugh

Let's Build a Game!

Do you wish you could build your own video game, but it seems impossibly hard? This episode is for you: Cody ( teaches us how to use PlayCanvas to collaboratively build games using WebGL!

Generate Custom Party Corgi GIFs!

Have you ever wanted to know what you look like as a party corgi? In this episode, Chris Biscardi ( returns to the show to create custom party corgi GIFs in the browser.

What the Heck is Glitch?

What is Glitch, and what does it mean for community, development, and learning? In this podcast, Potch ( teaches Jason how Glitch works and how you can use it for Gatsby projects and a whole lot more!