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Edge Functions

Edge Functions allow developers to modify requests and execute business logic close to the user requesting a page. Learn how edge runtimes work and how they benefit your web site and apps from expert developers in these episodes.

Build a Dynamic Links Page for Social Bios

Putting a link tree in your social bios is popular, but what if you want it to live update with your stats? In this episode, Jason will build out a custom "link in bio" page with dynamically updating profile stats.

Use XState With Netlify Edge Functions

State machines at the edge? Yes please! David Khourshid is back to show us how to deploy and visualize workflows in real-time!

What Is Edge Computing?

We’re hearing a lot about “the edge” lately — but what does that mean? In this episode, Sunil Pai will teach us what it means to build modern web applications on the edge.

Automate Performance Boosts Using Experiments

WebPageTest just launched new features where you can run a new test with fixes applied to see how they'll affect your Core Web Vitals. Scott Jehl will teach us how it works.

Let’s Learn Netlify Edge Functions

In a solo episode, Jason will dig into the new Netlify Edge Functions. Learn what edge computing enables, what you can build with it, and how to get started.