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Eleventy (a.k.a. 11ty) is a tool for building websites with minimal JavaScript. Learn how to get the most out of Eleventy from expert web developers in these episodes.

Build a Color Contrast Checker with Eleventy Serverless

Eleventy 1.0 has just been released, and with it comes Eleventy Serverless for on-request page generation. Ben Myers will teach us how to get started with Eleventy Serverless by building a color contrast checker with little to no client-side JavaScript.

Learn About Islands Architecture With Slinkity

Partial hydration lets you ship zero JS by default. In this episode, Ben Holmes will teach us how Slinkity lets us use any component framework to build low-JS dynamic apps on the Jamstack.

Let's Learn MongoDB Atlas!

Mongo Atlas promises a fully managed solution for creating and administering databases. In this episode, Ado Kukic will teach us how it works and what we can accomplish with it!

Troll Your Boss With The Jamstack

How fast can two cyberspace hooligans build an app to troll their boss? Tune in and find out as Cassidy Williams and Jason Lengstorf drag Sarah Drasner in app form!

Create a Plugin for 11ty

We already know that 11ty is powerful. In this episode, Bryan Robinson will teach us how to take 11ty even further with custom plugins!

Let’s Learn Eleventy!

If you want to build a JAMstack site, there are lots of great options out there. In this episode, Zach Leatherman ( teaches us how Eleventy makes building static sites fast and fun.