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Personalization allows you to adapt your web app to improve your users' experiences. Customizing what you display based on your users' behavior and needs helps create a more useful experience overall. Learn how to add personalization to your website in these episodes.

Personalization Using Storyblok

Personalization is a top feature request for just about every company with a web presence — but how do you pull it off? Facundo Giuliani will show us how using Storyblok.

Let’s Learn Netlify Edge Functions

In a solo episode, Jason will dig into the new Netlify Edge Functions. Learn what edge computing enables, what you can build with it, and how to get started.

Marketing Automation With + Next.js

Joel hooks has been building full-featured marketing automation using Nextjs & for some of the most popular dev education sites out there. In this episode, he'll share how it's done!

Personalization on the Jamstack

Delivering personalized experiences is an effective way to increase sales and engagement — but it also sounds HARD. In this episode, Tim Benniks will teach us how Uniform makes it possible.