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Real Time

Adding real-time communication to apps makes them feel more dynamic. Learn how to create real-time experiences in your own apps from expert web developers in these episodes.

Build a Live Voting App

If you want to create an interactive app that allows people to vote, where should you start? Brandon Roberts will teach us how to build the whole dang thing using Appwrite.

Realtime Jamstack Apps With Ably

With tools like Ably, we can create multiplayer experiences on Jamstack apps quickly and reliably. In this episode, Srushtika Neelakantam will show us what we unlock by adding realtime features!

Build a Realtime Twitch Game

What happens when Cassidy Williams joins Jason to build an interactive game? A whole lot of shenanigans, we hope! Join the fun as Cassidy & Jason build something fun together & try to make each other laugh