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Supabase is a cloud database with a JavaScript-powered SDK. It provides auth, object storage, and much more out of the box with a powerful API. Learn how to add Supabase to your own apps from expert developers in these episodes.

Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf

Thursday, June 23 @ 9:30 AM PDT

Let's Play With Realtime (Using Supabase), pt. 2

Join Jason to have some fun with realtime coding. Let's finish the app we started together last time with Supabase.

Jon Meyers

Jon Meyers

Tuesday, January 11 @ 4:00 PM PST

Build an App With Supabase and NextJS

Supabase combines database storage and authentication into a powerful workflow for web devs. In this episode, Jon Meyers will teach us how to build a Next.js app with Supabase and deploy it to Netlify!

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