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Vue is a frontend framework for building modern, component-based websites. Learn how to use Vue from expert developers in these episodes.

Shared State Between Multiple Frameworks

How can you share state between React.JS, Svelte.JS, Solid.JS, Vue.JS, and more? TanStack Query maintainer Aryan Deora will show us how he does it with Query + Astro.

Nuxt 3 & Nitro

Nuxt.JS v3 is stable, and it introduces a ton of features including Typescript support, Vuejs 3, Vite.JS, and the new Nitro server engine. Framework architect Daniel Roe will teach us all about it.

Vue 3, Hasura, and Serverless Functions

You can build "full stack" apps without becoming an expert in backend tech! In this episode, Ben Hong will teach us how Vue, Hasura, and Netlify Functions combine to powerful apps!

Let's Learn Vue's Composition API!

The new VueJS Composition API adds more power and a better developer experience to Vue. Ben Hong joins us again to teach us how we can level up our Vue apps using the Composition API!

Let's Learn Vue 3!

VueJS has a great reputation, both as a community and as a framework. And in Vue 3, there’s even more to love! Ben Hong will teach us how we can get started building with Vue 3.

Let's Learn Nuxt!

If you’re building apps with Vue.js, Nuxt is a powerful way to get up and running quickly! In this episode, Maya Shavin teaches us how to combine Nuxt with Cloudinary for high-power, high-speed development!

Build Apps With Vue 3 + Apollo Client 3

Combining the powerful new features in Vue_js 3 and Apollo Client 3 means we can do some really exciting stuff with our apps! In this episode, Natalia Tepluhina teaches how to do it!

Generative Data Visualization, part 3

The holy bucket lives! In this episode, Shirley Wu returns to the show to continue teaching us how to create custom data visualizations using SVG, Vue, and D3.js.

Build a Personal Blog Using Gridsome

If you like the idea of using Gatsby, but prefer to use Vue over React, this episode is for you! Gift Egwuenu ( teaches us how to use Gridsome to create a personal blog website.

Automatic Deploys with Nuxt on Netlify

If you want to build your site using Vue and get all the speed and convenience of static sites, Nuxt is a great option. In this episode, Shirley Wu ( and Jason will dive into Nuxt to lay the foundation for Shirley‘s new site.

Introduction to Vue

When people talk about modern web frameworks, Vue is almost always included on the list. In this episode, Divya Sasidharan ( teaches us how we can get started with Vue for building web apps and sites.