I’m now full-time on Learn With Jason!

Since the show started in 2018, I’ve made over 300 episodes with close to 250 experts from around the web development community. Episodes of LWJ are now watched more than half a million times every year, with tens of thousands of developers subscribing to the show on YouTube, Twitch, and the Learn With Jason newsletter.

A comparison of Jason’s streaming setup in 2018 for the first episode of Learn With Jason and in December 2022 for the most recent episode before this article was published. The 2018 image has a blurry image of the potato emoji underneath it. The 2022 image has an in-focus potato wearing sunglasses with sparkles around it.

What 4 years of incrementally improving streaming quality looks like.

But until now, the show has always been what I’ve done in addition to my day job. Most weeks I only had enough time to show up and record the episodes — there was no time left over for making the show better or exploring new ideas.

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to announce that Learn With Jason is now my full-time job.

Focusing fully on LWJ will allow me to:

  • Improve the quality of the show (e.g. 1080p streaming)
  • Develop and release new features (e.g. a weekly newsletter!)
  • Experiment with new ideas
  • Create additional content (e.g. more blogs, more videos)

I have a big ol’ backlog of things that I’ve been putting off, saying, “I’d love to do that — if only I had time.” I have time now. Let’s go!


How will Learn With Jason pay the bills?

The show has had sponsors (check them out on the home page!) for quite a while now, and that pays the majority of the bills. If your company is interested in sponsoring the show, get in touch at info@learnwithjason.dev!

In addition to sponsorship, I plan on offering a few services starting in 2023:

  • I’ll run workshops for companies to help teams create and/or improve their devrel programs
  • I’ll partner with companies to create ambitious media and events (like this project for Netlify)

Since 2020, many of the “tried and true” ideas for connecting with developer communities don’t work as well anymore. I’ve been proving out new and different strategies, and I’m available to help your company adapt to the modern developer ecosystem.