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Fast Unit Testing With Vitest

Vitest is a Vite-native unit testing framework that’s Jest-compatible. Core maintainer Anthony Fu will teach us how to use it in this episode.

What’s New in Astro 2.0?

The latest major release of Astro includes new features like content collections, hybrid rendering, and a whole lot more. Core maintainer Tony Sullivan joins to show us the latest.

Create and deploy a documentation website

Docusaurus 2.0 adds support for MDX, file system routing, plugins, and more! Maintainer Sébastien Lorber will give us a tour.

Nuxt 3 & Nitro

Nuxt.JS v3 is stable, and it introduces a ton of features including Typescript support, Vuejs 3, Vite.JS, and the new Nitro server engine. Framework architect Daniel Roe will teach us all about it.

Build Your Own Developer Training Quest

The team at Wilco is building “a flight simulator for developers” to help devs level up their skills in real-world scenarios. Lior Brauer will teach us how to build a custom Wilco quest.

TanStack Query v4

State management is hard. TanStack Query aims to take the pain out of data fetching, caching, parallelization, and much more. Maintainer Dominik Dorfmeister will teach us all about it.

Coworking Session with Jason Lengstorf

Grab your current project and work along with Jason as he tackles his todo list. This is a casual session, so bring questions!

Let's Learn Auth0 Actions!

We can extend our identity code using Auth0 Actions. Will Johnson will teach us how to use serverless and a drag-and-drop interface to build custom identity flows.

Port a Blog to Astro

For many devs, writing blogs with Markdown/MDX is still preferred. In this episode, Jason (a Markdown True Believer™) will be working on an in-progress port of the Learn With Jason blog to Astro.

Qwik City for Resumable, Dynamic Apps

Qwik City is a metaframework that adds routing and other app-like features on top of Qwik resumable components. Miško Hevery will teach us how to ship less JavaScript without sacrificing interactivity.

Optimize React App Performance

Building dynamic React.js apps that avoid performance pitfalls can be challenging. Shaundai Person will show us how to optimize our components, hooks, and more.

Webauthn (FIDO2) and Project Fugu

Log in with your fingerprint or Face ID in a browser? Use machine learning directly in the browser? There's a LOT we can do today, & Joyce Park will teach us how.

Better Images in Next.js with Cloudinary

Cloudinary provides powerful transformation APIs so you don’t have to waste time fiddling with images. Colby Fayock has a new library for Next.js to make it even easier.

Build web standards-based sites with Enhance

Enhance is “designed to provide a dependable foundation for building lightweight, flexible, and future-proof web applications.” Maintainer Brian LeRoux will show us how it works.

How to Add Component Tests to Web Apps

What are component tests? How do they relate to e2e tests? Do they improve a11y? Ely Lucas will teach us all about them and how we can add component tests using Cypress to a React app.

Build a scalable design system for enterprise websites with Payload CMS & Next.js

How do you make the dream of a design system for your company stand up to the reality of other teams actually using it in prod? James Mikrut will show us how.

React Router 6.4

The latest version of React Router introduces powerful new patterns including data loading, mutations, and pending/skeleton UIs. Ryan Florence will teach us what's new and how we can use it in our own apps.

Fun With Slack ChatOps

Y'all asked for a real project, so today I’ll be working on some ChatOps ideas I need for my team at Netlify. We'll build out a Slack slash command and some integrations with Notion.

Build a Reactive Backend for a Web App

Convex is a JS-powered database and backend for web apps that’s reactive — you can use it to create endpoints and queries that update automatically when data changes. Tom Ballinger will teach us how.

Smooth Page Transitions with Astro & the Shared Element Transition API

Can you make a multi-page app (MPA) feel like a single-page app (SPA)? Maxi Ferreira says we can and will show us how to do it.