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Access control in web apps unlocks powerful use cases. Learn how to add auth to your web projects from expert developers in these episodes.

Webauthn (FIDO2) and Project Fugu

Log in with your fingerprint or Face ID in a browser? Use machine learning directly in the browser? There's a LOT we can do today, & Joyce Park will teach us how.

Let's Learn Passwordless Auth!

Passwordless auth is an exciting and convenient way to let your users access your apps. In this episode, Maricris Bonzo will teach us how to use Magic Labs to enable it for your apps!

Add a Login to Your Svelte Site With Auth0

How do you add a login to Jamstack sites? In this episode, James Quick will show us how to combine Svelte and Auth0 to create a members-only section!

Limit Access to Web Pages for Twitch Subscriptions

To allow Twitch subscribers special access to additional functionality, we can create a web page that can only be accessed by active Twitch subscribers. In this episode, Jason will figure out how to make that work!

User Auth and Roles with Hasura

Learn how to set up user authentication and role-based permissions in Hasura from Vladimir Novick ( We dive into how to use Hasura to manage data, Auth0 to manage authentication and roles, and how to tie those together in Hasura for a really great developer experience.

How to use Netlify Identity and Netlify Functions

Want to add authentication and dynamic actions to your Gatsby sites with very little setup? Shawn Wang ( shows us how Netlify Identity gives us a quick way to set up authentication, then teaches us how to send requests to a database using serverless (also called "lambda") functions.

Add Auth0 to Your Gatsby App

In this stream, we learn how to integrate Auth0 to add authentication to your Gatsby apps.