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Automating repetitive tasks can save you a ton of time. In these episodes, you'll learn how to create your own automations from expert developers.

Let's Learn Auth0 Actions!

We can extend our identity code using Auth0 Actions. Will Johnson will teach us how to use serverless and a drag-and-drop interface to build custom identity flows.

Fun With Slack ChatOps

Y'all asked for a real project, so today I’ll be working on some ChatOps ideas I need for my team at Netlify. We'll build out a Slack slash command and some integrations with Notion.

Use Script Kit to Automate Your Daily Workflows

Script Kit is an open source tool to optimize developer workflows. Creator John Lindquist will teach us how we can use it to boost our efficiency.

Generate Dynamic Images with node-canvas

Creating dynamic images unlocks a whole world of powerful workflows. In this episode, Ulf Schwekendiek will teach us how to use node-canvas to create our own custom, dynamically generated images.

Automatic Image Creation From a Figma Template

Can your database automatically enrich entries using third-party data and create custom images from a Figma template? Rowy can! Shams Mosowi will teach us how it works.

What Can You Automate With n8n?

Used wisely, automation is a huge time saver. In this episode, we'll learn about all the incredible things we can automate using n8n from Harshil Agrawal!

Marketing Automation With + Next.js

Joel hooks has been building full-featured marketing automation using Nextjs & for some of the most popular dev education sites out there. In this episode, he'll share how it's done!

Optimize Your Development Workflow

Getting your development environment set up to be effective can have a huge impact on your productivity. Jennifer Wadella will teach us how to optimize our setup!

GitHub Actions with Forked PRs?!

What's new in GitHub Actions? Brian Douglas will teach us all about: - Fine-grain permissions in Actions - GitHub cloud environment management - Dependent jobs in actions

GitHub Automation with Octokit

GitHub has powerful APIs, and with Octokit we can do just about anything on GitHub through code. Gregor Martynus will teach us how!

Custom Workflow Automation with n8n

While automation is a highly valued process in most toolkits, creating your own workflow automations can often seem daunting. In this lesson, Matt Hojo will be teaching us how to build custom workflow automations with n8n!

Serverless Marketing Automation for React

In this episode, learn how Joel Hooks creates powerful marketing automation using serverless functions, CustomerIO, and Next.js. This is a peek behind the curtain at!

Writing Shell Scripts with Modern JavaScript

Building custom shell scripts and CLI tools doesn’t mean leaving your modern development workflow behind. In this episode, John Lindquist will teach us how to use JavaScript to build custom shell scripts!

Taking Action With GitHub Actions

One of the more exciting features GitHub has released is GitHub Actions. On this episode, Brian Douglas joins to teach us what GitHub Actions can do. (Hint: they can do a *lot*.)

Cron Jobs and Scheduling Gatsby Builds

How do you schedule a post to go live in the future when using Gatsby? In this stream, Kelly Vaughn ( pairs with Jason to dive into scheduled content with cron jobs, webhooks, and other strategies for postdated content. Discuss on Twitter:

Automated & Manual Accessibility Testing

Making websites accessible is a great way to make sure we’re always building great experiences for everyone. In this episode, Marcy Sutton ( teaches us how to automate accessibility (a11y) testing, and walks through tools for manually checking the most critical sections of our apps.