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Contentful is a headless CMS platform. Learn how to build modern web apps using Contentful from expert developers in these episodes.

Visual Editing w/Next.js, Contentful, and Stackbit

Finding a workflow that’s good for devs *and* content writers is hard. In this episode, Tiff Janzen will teach us how to use Stackbit to make all your teams happy.

Next.js Dynamic Routes With Contentful's GraphQL API

Next.js has a popular approach for generating dynamic routes. In this episode, Salma Alam-Naylor (a.k.a. whitep4nth3r) will teach us how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power them.

Contentful, GraphQL, & Paid Content

Learn how to combine Contentful’s powerful GraphQL API with Stripe to create paid content for your Jamstack app with Stefan Judis!

Using Contentful and Gatsby Together

Contentful provides a flexible, powerful content management back-end, which pairs really well with Gatsby. In this episode, Khaled Garbaya will teach us how to use Contentful to power Gatsby sites.