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Data Visualization

Visualizing data helps connect the dots between complex information and understanding. Learn how to create your own data visualizations from expert developers in these episodes.

Build a Custom App Dashboard

Retool promises to help us "build internal tools, remarkably fast". In this episode, Hirday Gupta will teach us how to build an app backend and UI quickly.

Let's Learn D3.js!

Data visualizations add a ton of clarity and value to our apps, but getting started can be daunting. Shirley Wu teaches us how we can get started with D3.js to make charts, graphs, and more!

Rapid DataViz in Observable

Observable lets us write code & see it work instantly with realtime data visualization. in this episode, Anjana Vakil teaches us how fast & fun it can be to build dataviz using Observable!

Generative Data Visualization, part 3

The holy bucket lives! In this episode, Shirley Wu returns to the show to continue teaching us how to create custom data visualizations using SVG, Vue, and D3.js.

Generative Data Visualization Design and Planning, part 2

Shirley Wu creates art from data. In this episode, Shirley takes the decisions we made in part one of this miniseries and teaches us how to turn them into gorgeous, computer-generated data visualizations.

Generative Data Visualization Design and Planning

Shirley Wu creates art from data. In this episode, Shirley teaches us how to approach creating a beautiful data visualization and shares her process for making complex data into stunning, understandable designs.

Data Visualization in React Using Gatsby

How can you create data visualization that works well in progressive web apps? On this episode, Swizec Teller joins to teach us how to use D3, React, and Gatsby to create SSR-friendly data visualizations for high performance dataviz.