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Understanding visual design is a core skill for web developers. Learn how to improve the UI and UX of your web apps from expert designers in these episodes.

Build a scalable design system for enterprise websites with Payload CMS & Next.js

How do you make the dream of a design system for your company stand up to the reality of other teams actually using it in prod? James Mikrut will show us how.

Build Custom Interfaces Using CSS Open Props

Learn how to make a great-looking interface (+ animation!) with ready-to-use CSS variables from Open Props. Open Props is a design system for any tooling. Adam Argyle will teach us how it works.

Let’s Learn Blender!

Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite. In this episode, Prince Wilson will teach us how to get started building our own 3D designs.

Generate Figma UI kits from code

We've all seen components go from Figma to code, but what about from code to Figma? Thaís Santos will teach us how can generate a Figma UI kit directly from your code

Build UI Components With State Machines

The new Zag component library offers UI components powered by finite state machines. Segun Adebayo will teach us how it works!

Diagnose and Fix UX/UI Problems

You don't need to be a designer to catch and fix issues with an app's UX and UI. In this episode, Ceara Crawshaw will teach us how to identify common problems in interfaces — and how to solve them!

Build Your Own Design System

Understanding what design systems solve and when to build one is a complicated question. In this episode, we'll dive into it with Georges Gomes and learn how to build our own design system with Backlight Dev.

Improve Your App's UI and UX

We can all tell when an app just feels right, but it can be hard to know how to do that ourselves. In this episode, Lynne will teach us how to create great UI/UX in our apps.

Prototyping With Framer

Can we combine the best parts of no-code and custom code? Amy Dutton thinks we can! She'll teach us how to build prototypes with Framer that combine design components with custom code components.

A Single (Spooky) Div

Lynn Fisher's A Single Div project demonstrates just how far we can creatively push CSS. In this special spooky episode, she’ll teach us how she does it! 🎃

Introduction to Figma for Developers

Figma is a powerful tool for creating designs and collaborating with team members. In this episode, Ryan Warner gives a feature tour and teaches us the fundamentals.

Designing Secret Sandwich

Secret Sandwich lives! In this episode, Leslie Waara will teach us how to wireframe and design a website.

Let's Learn Design Systems!

Design systems are a hot topic, but how do you make sure your design system is useful? More importantly, how do you make sure people actually use it? In this episode, Dan Mall teaches us the fundamentals of design systems and how they can help us be more effective.

Creating CSS & Variable Font Text Effects

When it comes to creative uses of typography on the web, few people can hold a candle to Mandy Michael ( In this episode, Mandy teaches us how to create our own text effects!

Art Direction for Developers

Whether you’re working with a team, a client, or both, any project you build will likely end up with a long list of things that need to be included on the page. How do you fit it all in while keeping the page readable, uncrowded, and pleasing to look at? In this episode, Tatiana Mac teaches us how to add art direction into our development projects.

Generative Data Visualization Design and Planning, part 2

Shirley Wu creates art from data. In this episode, Shirley takes the decisions we made in part one of this miniseries and teaches us how to turn them into gorgeous, computer-generated data visualizations.

Generative Data Visualization Design and Planning

Shirley Wu creates art from data. In this episode, Shirley teaches us how to approach creating a beautiful data visualization and shares her process for making complex data into stunning, understandable designs.

Sketching, Illustration, and Logo Creation

Creating a memorable logo for your app or company is challenging. On this episode, Maggie Appleton joins to share her techniques for creating, sketching, and illustrating incredible logos.

Create Apps Using a Component Library

How can you get started quickly with building professional-looking apps? On this episode, Marquet Reid joins to teach us how to quickly create websites and apps using Material UI.

Turning an App Idea into a Plan with UX Design, Workflows, and Prototypes

When you have a new idea for an app, where should you start? On this episode, Marisa Morby will teach us how to take an idea from zero to actionable using UX design techniques like user workflows and lo-fi prototyping.