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Dev Tooling

The tools we use to enable building our apps — build tools, repo management tools, linters, formatters, and more — have a huge impact on developer experience and productivity. Learn how to implement efficient dev tooling from expert developers in these episodes.

Build an Internal App Without Learning Mobile App Dev

Mobile apps to help your team track & manage internal processes are extremely helpful, but what if you don't have any mobile devs on staff? Kevin Whinnery will teach us how to build a custom internal mobile app using Retool — no mobile dev expertise required.

Create and deploy a documentation website

Docusaurus 2.0 adds support for MDX, file system routing, plugins, and more! Maintainer Sébastien Lorber will give us a tour.

Let's Learn Motion DevTools!

Build, inspect, edit, and export animations made with CSS and Motion One using this Chrome extension from the Motion team. Matt Perry will show us how it works.

Use Script Kit to Automate Your Daily Workflows

Script Kit is an open source tool to optimize developer workflows. Creator John Lindquist will teach us how we can use it to boost our efficiency.

Build a Custom App Dashboard

Retool promises to help us "build internal tools, remarkably fast". In this episode, Hirday Gupta will teach us how to build an app backend and UI quickly.

Convert Markdown & CMS Content Into Type-Safe JSON

Contentlayer is an SDK that transforms content from any source (including Markdown) into type-safe JSON. Johannes Schickling will teach us how it works and how we can use it in our own projects.

Build and Deploy a React App from a Monorepo

Managing large, complex, and/or multi-team codebases can be simplified by using a monorepo approach. In this episode, Juri Strumpflohner will teach us how to use Nx to build and deploy React apps.

Build an esbuild plugin

The speed of esbuild is incredible, but what happens if you need it to do more? Chance Strickland will teach us how to extend esbuild with custom plugins in this episode.

Optimize Your Development Workflow

Getting your development environment set up to be effective can have a huge impact on your productivity. Jennifer Wadella will teach us how to optimize our setup!

Automating Tasks with Node CLIs

Creating and automating workflows unlocks a ton of developer productivity. In this episode, Ahmad Awais will teach us how to design and build our own Node powered CLI automation!

Build a Command Line Interface in Rust

The Rust Language ecosystem is gaining steam as a powerful, friendly, and FAST way to build all sorts of things. In this episode, John Breen will teach us how to build a custom command line interface using Rust!

GitHub Actions with Forked PRs?!

What's new in GitHub Actions? Brian Douglas will teach us all about: - Fine-grain permissions in Actions - GitHub cloud environment management - Dependent jobs in actions

Testing Accessibility

Making sure our apps and websites are accessible is a must-have for shipping. How can we be sure we're meeting a11y needs? Marcy Sutton will teach us how!

GitHub Automation with Octokit

GitHub has powerful APIs, and with Octokit we can do just about anything on GitHub through code. Gregor Martynus will teach us how!

Custom Workflow Automation with n8n

While automation is a highly valued process in most toolkits, creating your own workflow automations can often seem daunting. In this lesson, Matt Hojo will be teaching us how to build custom workflow automations with n8n!

Let's Learn esbuild!

How will we build web apps in the future? Sunil Pai believes we'll be using esbuild. Let's learn how esbuild and bundlers like Vite built on top of it work to see how it can speed up our dev workflows!

Build Your Own Babel Plugin

Babel might seem like magic, but Laurie Barth is going to teach us how developers of any skill level can build custom Babel plugins for fun and/or profit!

Writing Shell Scripts with Modern JavaScript

Building custom shell scripts and CLI tools doesn’t mean leaving your modern development workflow behind. In this episode, John Lindquist will teach us how to use JavaScript to build custom shell scripts!

Faster Static Site Workflows with Nx

How can Nx speed up your development workflow for Jamstack sites? In this episode, Adam Barrett will teach us all about it!

Caching Jamstack Sites With GitHub Actions

Did you know you can combine GitHub Actions with Netlify to build powerful integrations? Benjamin Lannon teaches us all about it in this episode!