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Sending email is a core building block of creating modern web apps. Learn how to send email in your web apps from expert developers in these episodes.

Nathaniel Okenwa

Nathaniel Okenwa

Wednesday, October 27 2021 @ 9:30 AM PDT

Send Transactional Emails With Twilio SendGrid

As part of Jamstack Conf, Jason is building a swag app with experts from around the community. This 5-part series will go through the whole process of building an e-commerce site with Shopify, Algolia, Sentry, Twilio, and Fauna.

Joel Hooks

Joel Hooks

Tuesday, February 16 2021 @ 10:30 AM PST

Serverless Marketing Automation for React

In this episode, learn how Joel Hooks creates powerful marketing automation using serverless functions, CustomerIO, and Next.js. This is a peek behind the curtain at!

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