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Figma is a popular tool for designing web sites and apps. See how Figma helps you create better web experiences in these episodes.

Generate Figma UI kits from code

We've all seen components go from Figma to code, but what about from code to Figma? Thaís Santos will teach us how can generate a Figma UI kit directly from your code

Automatic Image Creation From a Figma Template

Can your database automatically enrich entries using third-party data and create custom images from a Figma template? Rowy can! Shams Mosowi will teach us how it works.

Diagnose and Fix UX/UI Problems

You don't need to be a designer to catch and fix issues with an app's UX and UI. In this episode, Ceara Crawshaw will teach us how to identify common problems in interfaces — and how to solve them!

Introduction to Figma for Developers

Figma is a powerful tool for creating designs and collaborating with team members. In this episode, Ryan Warner gives a feature tour and teaches us the fundamentals.