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Writing GraphQL creates a self-documenting API that allows you to fetch only the data you need — and nothing more. In these episodes, learn how and when GraphQL is a good fit for your project from GraphQL experts.

Simplify & Unify Data Access With Netlify Graph

With the new Netlify Graph product, you can read, write, & even subscribe to data from third-party APIs securely — without having to manage auth tokens or complex data fetching logic. Sean Grove teaches us how!

Faster GraphQL With GraphCDN

GraphCDN adds a smart caching layer for GraphQL APIs that promises better performance and reliability. In this episode, Max Stoiber will teach us how to use it in our own apps!

Next.js Dynamic Routes With Contentful's GraphQL API

Next.js has a popular approach for generating dynamic routes. In this episode, Salma Alam-Naylor (a.k.a. whitep4nth3r) will teach us how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power them.

Turn Any Data Source into GraphQL With StepZen

StepZen allows us to combine multiple backends into a single GraphQL API. In this episode, Carlos Eberhardt will teach us how it works and how we can get started!

The Final Taco Showdown

Last time, Emma and Jason built a form and asked you to settle their Taco Bell debate. This time, they'll visualize the results and determine who has the best taste in tacos. 🌮

Build Apps With Vue 3 + Apollo Client 3

Combining the powerful new features in Vue_js 3 and Apollo Client 3 means we can do some really exciting stuff with our apps! In this episode, Natalia Tepluhina teaches how to do it!

Build Your Own Content Hub With GraphQL

Data has been decentralized through APIs, SaaS, & other platforms. Pulling it all together in a developer-friendly way can be tricky. Eve Porcello will teach us to tame our data using GraphQL!

GraphQL + Jamstack for Enterprise Apps

“Can the Jamstack handle enterprise apps?” It can! In this episode, Shruti Kapoor & Jason will explore approaches for enterprise GraphQL + Jamstack apps.

What is Apollo Federation?

Do you have multiple data sources in your org? Apollo Federation promises to unify your data in a single GraphQL API. Alex Banks teaches us what it is, how it works & how you can use it!

Serverless GraphQL with Hasura

In this episode, Christian Nwamba teaches us how we can build incredibly powerful apps without the overhead of managing lots of infrastructure by combining Hasura, serverless functions, and the Jamstack.

Let's Learn Apollo Client v3!

Apollo is one of the most popular GraphQL libraries available today. In this episode, Khalil Stemmler teaches us how to get started with Apollo Client's latest major release.

Better Assets with Cloudinary & GraphQL

For image & video processing, Cloudinary is a top-notch tool. In this episode, Domitrius Clark teaches us how to combine Cloudinary and GraphQL for incredible asset management!

Combine REST APIs in GraphQL Using 8base

If you have a bunch of different REST APIs that you need to use in one site, it can be cumbersome to connect to all of them separately. In this episode, Sebastian Scholl ( will teach us how to use 8base to combine multiple REST APIs into a single, unified GraphQL API.

Build a Gatsby Site With Nest.js

What is Nest.js, and how does it make building APIs easier? In this episode, Ryan Chenkie ( teaches us how to create a GraphQL API using Nest.js, then builds a Gatsby site using the data.

Build a Chatbot with GraphQL and Fauna

Fauna is a database that's friendly to start with for serverless apps. In this episode, Summer Schrader and Bruno Quaresma teach us how to use Fauna to power a Twitch chatbot.

Advanced GraphQL Techniques in Gatsby

Can a GraphQL node get data from two different places? Can we use GraphQL to normalize data form different sources? Mikhail Novikov teaches us advanced GraphQL patterns with Gatsby so you can create extremely powerful apps and websites.

Client-Side GraphQL Using URQL

GraphQL is one of the most powerful advances in accessing and managing data in a long time. On this episode, Phil Pluckthun and Jovi De Croock will teach us how to set up a GraphQL-powered front-end using URQL, a customizable, extendable GraphQL client.

Build Your Own Meme Website

Sara Vieira is the queen of memes. On this episode, she joins to teach us how to build a fun, silly website to showcase her many amazing memes and make them interactive.

Serverless GraphQL Functions in AWS

Learn how serverless functions work with GraphQL on AWS. Kurt Kemple ( will teach us how to set up our own serverless GraphQL functions and use them with a Gatsby site.

Gatsby + WordPress with WPGraphQL

Did you know WordPress & Gatsby are great together? In this stream, Jason Bahl ( teaches us how to use WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields and WPGraphQL to create an powerful, flexible admin dashboard, then query and display that data in a Gatsby site. Discuss on Twitter: