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The automation tool n8n (short for "nodemation") is a developer-focused workflow manager that functions similarly to Zapier or IFTTT. Learn how to build n8n workflows from expert teachers in these episodes.

Harshil Agrawal

Harshil Agrawal

Thursday, January 13 2022 @ 9:30 AM PST

What Can You Automate With n8n?

Used wisely, automation is a huge time saver. In this episode, we'll learn about all the incredible things we can automate using n8n from Harshil Agrawal!

Matt Hojo

Matt Hojo

Tuesday, April 27 2021 @ 10:30 AM PDT

Custom Workflow Automation with n8n

While automation is a highly valued process in most toolkits, creating your own workflow automations can often seem daunting. In this lesson, Matt Hojo will be teaching us how to build custom workflow automations with n8n!

With special guest host Ben Hong!

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