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Netlify is a platform for building modern web apps. Learn how to improve your web development workflow with CI/CD, serverless functions, cron jobs, domain name registration, collaboration tools, one-click rollbacks, and a whole bunch of other features that Just Work so you can focus on building your apps.

Use XState With Netlify Edge Functions

State machines at the edge? Yes please! David Khourshid is back to show us how to deploy and visualize workflows in real-time!

Simplify & Unify Data Access With Netlify Graph

With the new Netlify Graph product, you can read, write, & even subscribe to data from third-party APIs securely — without having to manage auth tokens or complex data fetching logic. Sean Grove teaches us how!

Scheduled Functions (Cron Jobs) With Netlify

Netlify just announced support for scheduled functions, which are basically serverless cron jobs. In this episode, Jason will explore the new functionality and see how it all works!

Set Up a Better Content Editing Experience

Using a decoupled CMS, we want to add shareable previews, fast search, and keep a great DX. Ondrej Polesny will teach us how Kontent by Kentico, Next.js, and Netlify make it possible!

Build an App With Supabase and NextJS

Supabase combines database storage and authentication into a powerful workflow for web devs. In this episode, Jon Meyers will teach us how to build a Next.js app with Supabase and deploy it to Netlify!

Build a Full-Stack Serverless App With Next.js & Fauna

Web devs have more power than ever to build ambitious full-stack apps. In this episode, Shadid Haque will teach us how to build a TikTok clone with Netlify Functions, Fauna, and Next.js!

Serverless Databases With PlanetScale and Next.js

Custom databases on the Jamstack? Absolutely! Taylor Barnett will teach us how Planetscale and Netlify make it possible (and fun!) to build and deploy DB-powered Next.js apps!

Next.js Dynamic Routes With Contentful's GraphQL API

Next.js has a popular approach for generating dynamic routes. In this episode, Salma Alam-Naylor (a.k.a. whitep4nth3r) will teach us how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power them.

Limit Access to Web Pages for Twitch Subscriptions

To allow Twitch subscribers special access to additional functionality, we can create a web page that can only be accessed by active Twitch subscribers. In this episode, Jason will figure out how to make that work!

Let's Learn MongoDB Atlas!

Mongo Atlas promises a fully managed solution for creating and administering databases. In this episode, Ado Kukic will teach us how it works and what we can accomplish with it!

Local Development of Serverless Functions on Netlify

Serverless functions are incredibly powerful, but how do you work on them locally? In this solo stream, Jason will show how Netlify Dev makes it painless!

Serverless Functions and TypeScript on Netlify

Did you know you can use TypeScript in serverless functions on Netlify with no build step? Tomasz Łakomy will show us how to get started!

First Look at Gatsby Functions

In this episode, Jason is going to look at the new Gatsby Functions feature and see how it works on Netlify!

Distributed Persistent Rendering

In this solo episode, Jason will work through building an app with serverless functions using distributed persistent rendering.

Subscription Management in Jamstack Apps

Subscriptions power most web-based businesses. In this episode, Thor 雷神 teaches us how to let customers purchase & manage subscriptions with Stripe in Jamstack apps.

Add Apple Pay & Google Pay to Jamstack Sites

Adding Apple Pay and Google Pay for website purchases is a HUGE convenience boost. In this episode, Thor 雷神 teaches us how Stripe makes mobile payments fast to add!

Let's Create a Netlify Build Plugin

What are Netlify Build Plugins? In this episode, Jason looks at how Netlify Build Plugins provide powerful, cross-framework utilities that give our builds superpowers.

Sell Products on the Jamstack

How does ecommerce work on the Jamstack? In this episode, Thor 雷神 ( teaches us how to use Gatsby, Netlify Functions, and Stripe to start selling products on your website in minutes!

Automatic Deploys with Nuxt on Netlify

If you want to build your site using Vue and get all the speed and convenience of static sites, Nuxt is a great option. In this episode, Shirley Wu ( and Jason will dive into Nuxt to lay the foundation for Shirley‘s new site.

Use Netlify Functions to Build a Sound Board in Gatsby

In this video, Jason adds Netlify Functions to his Gatsby site to enable dynamic functionality on a Jamstack app. We start by setting up an Express API, then go through writing serverless functions to send button clicks to that API.