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Next.js is a framework for building dynamic web apps using React.js. Learn how to get the most out of Next.js from web development experts in these episodes.

Better Images in Next.js with Cloudinary

Cloudinary provides powerful transformation APIs so you don’t have to waste time fiddling with images. Colby Fayock has a new library for Next.js to make it even easier.

PlanetScale Serverless Driver, Netlify Edge Functions, and Next.js

PlanetScale just released a serverless driver for Netlify Edge Functions that unlocks some very cool possibilities at the edge. Let's spend some time digging in and seeing how it works in this episode.

Build an E-commerce Site with Next.js and Shopify

Build a modern e-commerce web store using Next.js and Shopify. Jason will tackle building a custom app with a shopping cart in this episode.

Deploy a Site With Self-Hosted Analytics

Add self-hosted analytics to a Next.js site using Umami. Faraz Patankar will teach us how to build, instrument, and deploy an app to Railway.

Set Up a Better Content Editing Experience

Using a decoupled CMS, we want to add shareable previews, fast search, and keep a great DX. Ondrej Polesny will teach us how Kontent by Kentico, Next.js, and Netlify make it possible!

Build an App With Supabase and NextJS

Supabase combines database storage and authentication into a powerful workflow for web devs. In this episode, Jon Meyers will teach us how to build a Next.js app with Supabase and deploy it to Netlify!

Marketing Automation With + Next.js

Joel hooks has been building full-featured marketing automation using Nextjs & for some of the most popular dev education sites out there. In this episode, he'll share how it's done!

Build a Full-Stack Serverless App With Next.js & Fauna

Web devs have more power than ever to build ambitious full-stack apps. In this episode, Shadid Haque will teach us how to build a TikTok clone with Netlify Functions, Fauna, and Next.js!

Serverless Databases With PlanetScale and Next.js

Custom databases on the Jamstack? Absolutely! Taylor Barnett will teach us how Planetscale and Netlify make it possible (and fun!) to build and deploy DB-powered Next.js apps!

Next.js Dynamic Routes With Contentful's GraphQL API

Next.js has a popular approach for generating dynamic routes. In this episode, Salma Alam-Naylor (a.k.a. whitep4nth3r) will teach us how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power them.

Create an Ecommerce Site Using Shopify, Next.js, and

How do you give non-developers control over the look and feel of an ecommerce site? Steve Sewell will teach us how to use Next.js, Shopify, and Builderio to do it!

Use WordPress with Next.js

Colby Fayock will teach us how we can combine the great content editing experience of Word Press, the flexibility of developing with Next.js, and the power of deploying to Netlify!

Serverless Marketing Automation for React

In this episode, learn how Joel Hooks creates powerful marketing automation using serverless functions, CustomerIO, and Next.js. This is a peek behind the curtain at!

Let's Learn Next.js!

Next.js makes building ReactJS apps fast and flexible. In this episode, Scott Moss will teach us what Next can do and what we can build with it!

Webmention + Next.js

Did you know that Webmentions let you pull tweets, other blogs, and other activity from around the web into your site? In this episode, Monica Powell teaches us how to add it to a Next.js site!