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Open Source

Open Source is the foundation of modern web development. Contributing to open source software (OSS) can be a huge benefit to your career and a huge jumpstart when building your next app. Watch these episodes to learn how you can get involved.

Build Custom Interfaces Using CSS Open Props

Learn how to make a great-looking interface (+ animation!) with ready-to-use CSS variables from Open Props. Open Props is a design system for any tooling. Adam Argyle will teach us how it works.

Find Your Next Open Source Contribution

Contributing to open source is a great way to build your career and network, but how do you find a good issue to work on? Brian Douglas has the deets!

GitHub Actions with Forked PRs?!

What's new in GitHub Actions? Brian Douglas will teach us all about: - Fine-grain permissions in Actions - GitHub cloud environment management - Dependent jobs in actions

Contribute to Open Source Projects

Are you interested in contributing to open source projects, but aren't sure where to start? In this episode, Jason will walk through the process of contributing to by picking up open issues and creating pull requests.