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Partial Hydration

Partial hydration (a.k.a. Islands Architecture) is a technique that allows web developers to build sites using their preferred framework (React, Svelte, Vue, etc.), but only send generated HTML and CSS to the browser by default. Where dynamic functionality is desired, components can be "hydrated" to become interactive. Learn how this architecture works and when it makes sense to use it from expert web developers in these episodes.

Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes

Tuesday, January 25 2022 @ 10:30 AM PST

Learn About Islands Architecture With Slinkity

Partial hydration lets you ship zero JS by default. In this episode, Ben Holmes will teach us how Slinkity lets us use any component framework to build low-JS dynamic apps on the Jamstack.

Fred K. Schott

Fred K. Schott

Thursday, June 10 2021 @ 9:30 AM PDT

Ship Less JavaScript with Astro

Astro is a way to build websites that ships zero JavaScript by default. Only add JS when you need it for maximum performance! Fred K. Schott will teach us how it works.

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