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Improving your web app performance can mean the difference between someone becoming a customer or abandoning your site. Learn how to improve your site's performance from expert web developers in these episodes.

TanStack Query v4

State management is hard. TanStack Query aims to take the pain out of data fetching, caching, parallelization, and much more. Maintainer Dominik Dorfmeister will teach us all about it.

Optimize React App Performance

Building dynamic React.js apps that avoid performance pitfalls can be challenging. Shaundai Person will show us how to optimize our components, hooks, and more.

What’s New in Astro v1?

Astro just hit v1.0.0 and there’s a lot to be excited about. Come join creator Fred Schott as we talk about the trade-offs of MPAs vs. SPAs, partial hydration, MDX, and more!

Automate Performance Boosts Using Experiments

WebPageTest just launched new features where you can run a new test with fixes applied to see how they'll affect your Core Web Vitals. Scott Jehl will teach us how it works.

Build Resumable Apps with Qwik

Qwik lets us build "resumable apps" by requiring nearly zero JavaScript for pages to become interactive + fine-grained lazy loading to only load what's used. Miško Hevery will teach us how to get started.

Build a Page Speed 100 E-commerce Site

On e-commerce sites, page performance is everything. In this episode, Håkon Krogh will teach us how to build a web store that aces the Page Speed checks using Remix and Crystallize.

Learn About Islands Architecture With Slinkity

Partial hydration lets you ship zero JS by default. In this episode, Ben Holmes will teach us how Slinkity lets us use any component framework to build low-JS dynamic apps on the Jamstack.

Faster GraphQL With GraphCDN

GraphCDN adds a smart caching layer for GraphQL APIs that promises better performance and reliability. In this episode, Max Stoiber will teach us how to use it in our own apps!

Let's Learn SolidJS

SolidJS is an exciting framework with a small (6.4kb) footprint, a reactive, component-based approach, and incredible performance. In this episode, Ryan Carniato will teach us how to get started with our first SolidJS app!

Create a PWA from Scratch

Progressive Web Apps get talked about a lot, but what *is* a PWA? In this episode, Patricio Vargas (pato) will teach us how to create one from scratch, including Service Workers!

Monitor Errors and Performance With Sentry

As part of Jamstack Conf, Jason is building a swag app with experts from around the community. This 5-part series will go through the whole process of building an e-commerce site with Shopify, Algolia, Sentry, Twilio, and Fauna.

Web Performance Auditing

We all know performance is important, but we *don't* always know how to find what's causing slowdowns. In this episode, Tim Kadlec will teach us how to audit websites to find the slowdowns!

All About React Query

There‘s a lot of buzz about React Query and how much it can simplify your development workflow. In this episode, we’ll learn all about it from the #TanStack creator himself!

Service Worker Science Lab!

Service Workers are extremely powerful — in this episode, Jem Young and Jason will do Service Worker experiments to see what kind of fun we can cook up.

Let's Make Web Video FAST

Video can be beautiful and engaging, but if we don’t pay attention to performance it can also make our sites slooooow. In this episode, Doug Sillars teaches us how to make video on the web fast!

High Performance Images Using Gatsby

Emma Bostian ( and Jason Lengstorf work on converting Emma’s portfolio page to use `gatsby-image` for better performance and user experience. Along the way they talk about StaticQuery, GraphQL, and how Emma designs websites.