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Effective planning makes teams more efficient, decreases frustration, and eliminates ambiguity. Learn how to plan more effectively from expert teachers in these episodes.

Manage Team Workflows in Notion

Devs need todos, managers need to know when devs are stuck, and execs need a high-level overview across teams. Marie Poulin teaches us to use Notion as an "operational hub" to keep all 3 in one place!

Improve Your App's UI and UX

We can all tell when an app just feels right, but it can be hard to know how to do that ourselves. In this episode, Lynne will teach us how to create great UI/UX in our apps.

Prototyping With Framer

Can we combine the best parts of no-code and custom code? Amy Dutton thinks we can! She'll teach us how to build prototypes with Framer that combine design components with custom code components.

Building a Second Brain with Obsidian

When it comes to taking notes, there are a lot of different options. In this episode, Hung-Su will teach us about how you can use Obsidian to take beautiful notes!

GraphQL + Jamstack for Enterprise Apps

“Can the Jamstack handle enterprise apps?” It can! In this episode, Shruti Kapoor & Jason will explore approaches for enterprise GraphQL + Jamstack apps.

How to Write a Scope for a Website Project

How do we turn an idea into a plan? In this episode, Jason walks through his process for converting a design and an idea into a technical scope and plan.

Turning an App Idea into a Plan with UX Design, Workflows, and Prototypes

When you have a new idea for an app, where should you start? On this episode, Marisa Morby will teach us how to take an idea from zero to actionable using UX design techniques like user workflows and lo-fi prototyping.