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React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in use today. Learn how to build React apps from expert web developers in these episodes.

Optimize React App Performance

Building dynamic React.js apps that avoid performance pitfalls can be challenging. Shaundai Person will show us how to optimize our components, hooks, and more.

How to Add Component Tests to Web Apps

What are component tests? How do they relate to e2e tests? Do they improve a11y? Ely Lucas will teach us all about them and how we can add component tests using Cypress to a React app.

Build and Deploy a React App from a Monorepo

Managing large, complex, and/or multi-team codebases can be simplified by using a monorepo approach. In this episode, Juri Strumpflohner will teach us how to use Nx to build and deploy React apps.

Build a Live Voting App

If you want to create an interactive app that allows people to vote, where should you start? Brandon Roberts will teach us how to build the whole dang thing using Appwrite.

Let's Learn tRPC!

The promise of tRPC is end-to-end typesafe APIs. In this episode, Alex / KATT will teach us what that means and how we can get started using tRPC in a React app.

Let’s Learn CommandBar!

Adding a ⌘+K shortcut to open a command palette in your app is a great way to give your users more control. CommandBar lets you add powerful search, nav, & custom actions quickly. James Evans will teach us how!

Let's Learn Remix!

Remix is a React-based framework focused on web fundamentals and modern UX. In this episode, Ryan Florence will teach us what makes it different and how to get started with it!

Functional React With Styled Components

Learn how to create clean, beautiful React UIs! Shaundai Person will teach us how to combine function-style React components with Styled Components.

Make Video With Code

Making slick, animated video using React might sound far-fetched, but Remotion makes it possible! Jonathan Burger will teach us how.

The Final Taco Showdown

Last time, Emma and Jason built a form and asked you to settle their Taco Bell debate. This time, they'll visualize the results and determine who has the best taste in tacos. 🌮

Let's Learn React!

React is everywhere: it’s used in single-person side projects and Fortune 50 apps. In this episode, Ali Spittel will introduce us to one of the leading JavaScript frameworks out there!

We Need to Taco 'Bout Your Choices

In this episode, Emma Bostian and Jason will build an app together to settle their taco differences with your help. Make sure to mark your calendar and help settle this debate! 🌮🌮🌮

All About React Query

There‘s a lot of buzz about React Query and how much it can simplify your development workflow. In this episode, we’ll learn all about it from the #TanStack creator himself!

Power Up React With TypeScript

Want to add autocomplete, better linting, and more to your React apps? In this episode, Ben Ilgebodu teaches us how Typescript powers up our React apps.

Get Weird with Audio on the Web

When it comes to audio on the web, the rabbit hole goes deep. In this episode, Ken shows us some of the weird, wonderful, creative ways we can build fun web experiences with audio.

Let's Learn Apollo Client v3!

Apollo is one of the most popular GraphQL libraries available today. In this episode, Khalil Stemmler teaches us how to get started with Apollo Client's latest major release.

Let's Learn Framer Motion!

Animation in ReactJS using Framer Motion is powerful and flexible. In this episode, Framer Motion author Matt Perry teaches us about the magic that’s possible when using it!

Better Assets with Cloudinary & GraphQL

For image & video processing, Cloudinary is a top-notch tool. In this episode, Domitrius Clark teaches us how to combine Cloudinary and GraphQL for incredible asset management!

Build a Cart Powered by State Machines

State machines help us visualize complex UI logic and make our components much more predictable and error resistant. In this episode, Jason creates a state machine using xstate to manage the opening and closing of an animated cart component.

Animation and 3D in react-three-fiber

3D animation in the browser can be super intimidating. In this episode, Paul Henschel joins to teach us how to use react-three-fiber to create high-performance 3D animations and shapes in the browser.