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Sanity is a headless CMS focused on giving developers control over the CMS experience. Learn how to use Sanity in your web projects from expert developers in these episodes.

Sanity Studio v3

What's new in Sanity Studio v3? In this episode, Kapehe will teach us what's possible, how we can get started, and even how to embed Studio into a Next.JS app.

Pushing the Limits of “Static Sites” with Sanity

How far we go with the Jamstack? In this episode, Kapehe teaches us that, if we combine tools like Sanity, Netlify, and more, the limit may not exist. 🤯

Store User-Generated Content in Sanity!

Can a CMS handle all the requirements of a full-blown app? Espen Hovlandsdal teaches us how to use Sanity and Netlify Functions to handle user input in Jamstack apps!

Build a Portfolio Site with and Gatsby

Espen Hovlandsdal ( teaches Jason Lengstorf ( how to build a portfolio site using and Gatsby. Along the way, there are some really mind-blowing moments for content editing, including real-time collaboration, live updates, and image editing.