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Serverless Functions

Databases for Jamstack Sites and Apps

How can you add a database to your Jamstack app? In this episode, Tanmai Gopal will teach us how Hasura gets us up and running quickly with a powerful data layer in no time!

Contentful, GraphQL, & Paid Content

Learn how to combine Contentful’s powerful GraphQL API with Stripe to create paid content for your Jamstack app with Stefan Judis!

Serverless GraphQL with Hasura

In this episode, Christian Nwamba teaches us how we can build incredibly powerful apps without the overhead of managing lots of infrastructure by combining Hasura, serverless functions, and the Jamstack.

Store User-Generated Content in Sanity!

Can a CMS handle all the requirements of a full-blown app? Espen Hovlandsdal teaches us how to use Sanity and Netlify Functions to handle user input in Jamstack apps!

Subscription Management in Jamstack Apps

Subscriptions power most web-based businesses. In this episode, Thor 雷神 teaches us how to let customers purchase & manage subscriptions with Stripe in JAMstack apps.

Protect Secret Keys in Jamstack Apps

How do you protect sensitive data like API keys on the Jamstack? in this episode, Joyce Lin teaches us how to use Postman to rapidly prototype and develop secure Jamstack apps!

Add Apple Pay & Google Pay to Jamstack Sites

Adding Apple Pay and Google Pay for website purchases is a HUGE convenience boost. In this episode, Thor 雷神 teaches us how Stripe makes mobile payments fast to add!

Sell Products on the Jamstack

How does ecommerce work on the Jamstack? In this episode, Thor 雷神 ( teaches us how to use Gatsby, Netlify Functions, and Stripe to start selling products on your website in minutes!

Add Subscription Support to Websites Using Stripe

From software licenses to monthly boxes to recurring donations, adding subscriptions is a common need for web developers. In this episode, Nick DeJesus ( teaches us how to set up subscriptions using Stripe and add recurring payment buttons to your website.

Use Netlify Functions to Build a Sound Board in Gatsby

In this video, Jason adds Netlify Functions to his Gatsby site to enable dynamic functionality on a JAMstack app. We start by setting up an Express API, then go through writing serverless functions to send button clicks to that API.

Build a Video App With Twilio + Gatsby

Did you know you can create collaborative video chat apps *really fast* using Twilio and Gatsby? Nathaniel Okenwa teaches us how to integrate Twilio's developer-friendly APIs with Gatsby to create an interactive video chat app.

Serverless GraphQL Functions in AWS

Learn how serverless functions work with GraphQL on AWS. Kurt Kemple ( will teach us how to set up our own serverless GraphQL functions and use them with a Gatsby site.

How to use Netlify Identity and Netlify Functions

Want to add authentication and dynamic actions to your Gatsby sites with very little setup? Shawn Wang ( shows us how Netlify Identity gives us a quick way to set up authentication, then teaches us how to send requests to a database using serverless (also called "lambda") functions.

Build an eCommerce Site Using Stripe + Gatsby

In this video, Thorsten Schaeff ( teaches Jason how to build an e-commerce store using the new Stripe Checkout.