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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are a great way to improve image quality, boost performance, and add animations to your web projects. Learn how to work with SVGs from expert teachers in these episodes.

Create Playful, Interactive Animations

Can we make our animations react to user input? We can! Cassie Evans will teach us how to use Greensock to create fun, interactive animations!

Animating a Smashburger SVG Using GSAP

In this solo stream, Jason tries to remember how GSAP works to animate a smashburger SVG.

Whimsical SVG Animations Using GSAP

One of the best ways to learn is to build things that make you smile. In this episode, Jhey Tompkins will teach us to build a playful SVG animation using Greensock.

Interactive SVG Animations Using Greensock

Animated SVGs add a touch of interactive whimsy and polish to our websites. In this episode, Cassie Evans will teach us how to use Greensock to create fun, engaging experiences!

Make Animations Feel Pro

When it comes to animation, there are a few tips & tricks that take them from “neat” to “HOLY WOW” animation master Sarah Drasner teaches us how to take our animations to the next level!

Generative Data Visualization, part 3

The holy bucket lives! In this episode, Shirley Wu returns to the show to continue teaching us how to create custom data visualizations using SVG, Vue, and D3.js.