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Adding tests in your software helps catch bugs before they ship and makes your apps more reliable. Learn testing techniques from expert developers in these episodes.

How to Add Component Tests to Web Apps

What are component tests? How do they relate to e2e tests? Do they improve a11y? Ely Lucas will teach us all about them and how we can add component tests using Cypress to a React app.

Automate Accessibility Tests With Storybook

Building UI libraries with StorybookJS is even better when you're confident you're shipping accessible code. Varun Vachhar will teach us how.

End-To-End Testing with Cypress

How can you be sure the code you ship does what you expect it to do? Dr. Gleb Bahmutov teaches us how to add end-to-end tests to Jamstack sites with Cypress & Netlify build plugins.

Visual Testing Using Cypress and Applitools

When you're shipping websites and apps, one of the most important things is that they look right to the people using them. In this episode, Angie Jones ( teaches us how to use Cypress and Applitools to ensure that we're shipping things that look right, every time.

Automated & Manual Accessibility Testing

Making websites accessible is a great way to make sure we’re always building great experiences for everyone. In this episode, Marcy Sutton ( teaches us how to automate accessibility (a11y) testing, and walks through tools for manually checking the most critical sections of our apps.

Write Tests for Gatsby Sites & Apps

Make sure your Gatsby sites and apps are reliable and high quality with a good testing strategy.