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Web Standards

When people say "use the platform", they generally mean relying on web standards, or the core HTML, CSS, and JavaScript specifications and browser APIs. Learn how to leverage web standards from expert developers in these episodes.

Build Your Own Developer Training Quest

The team at Wilco is building “a flight simulator for developers” to help devs level up their skills in real-world scenarios. Lior Brauer will teach us how to build a custom Wilco quest.

Webauthn (FIDO2) and Project Fugu

Log in with your fingerprint or Face ID in a browser? Use machine learning directly in the browser? There's a LOT we can do today, & Joyce Park will teach us how.

Build web standards-based sites with Enhance

Enhance is “designed to provide a dependable foundation for building lightweight, flexible, and future-proof web applications.” Maintainer Brian LeRoux will show us how it works.

Remix Stacks

Remix Stacks are a quickstart for building full-stack applications, including a Remix frontend, a database, and more. Kent C. Dodds will teach us how to get started.

Let's Learn Remix!

Remix is a React-based framework focused on web fundamentals and modern UX. In this episode, Ryan Florence will teach us what makes it different and how to get started with it!

Styling With Attribute Selectors

CSS can do *a lot* — in this episode, Michael Chan will teach us how much we can accomplish with data attributes and CSS selectors!

Create a PWA from Scratch

Progressive Web Apps get talked about a lot, but what *is* a PWA? In this episode, Patricio Vargas (pato) will teach us how to create one from scratch, including Service Workers!

Understanding Color Contrast for Accessibility

Getting color contrast right is crucial for making sure people are able to read and use our content, but understanding how to choose the right colors can be tricky. In this episode, Todd Libby will show us how it's done!

Modern CSS: Grid, Aspect Ratio, Container Queries, and More!

CSS has come a *long* way in recent years. In this episode, Stephanie Eckles will show us some of the modern features that have been added & why "centering a div" isn't hard anymore!

Right-to Left (RTL) Support for Websites

RTL support has a lot of quirks that can make sites uncomfortable to use for RTL readers. In this episode, Moriel Schottlender will teach us what to watch for and how to make the web better for everyone!

Web Performance Auditing

We all know performance is important, but we *don't* always know how to find what's causing slowdowns. In this episode, Tim Kadlec will teach us how to audit websites to find the slowdowns!

Build a Custom Accessible Audio Player

Creating custom audio players can be fun AND accessible! In this episode, Lindsey Kopacz teaches us how to build our own audio player in a way that’s usable by all of us.

Build a No-Framework JavaScript Drag-n-Drop

Modern JavaScript is really powerful — we can do so much now without frameworks! In this episode, Zell teaches us how to build a zero-framework drag-and-drop component!

Service Worker Science Lab!

Service Workers are extremely powerful — in this episode, Jem Young and Jason will do Service Worker experiments to see what kind of fun we can cook up.

Let's Make Web Video FAST

Video can be beautiful and engaging, but if we don’t pay attention to performance it can also make our sites slooooow. In this episode, Doug Sillars teaches us how to make video on the web fast!