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WordPress is the most widely used content management system in use today. It can be used as a headless CMS to build modern websites. Learn how to use WordPress in your projects from expert web developers in these episodes.

Gatsby WordPress Themes

Combining WordPress & Gatsby lets us have the best of both worlds for content creation & web dev. In this episode, Alexandra Spalato teaches us to how to use Gatsby themes to build WordPress sites quickly!

Use WordPress with Next.js

Colby Fayock will teach us how we can combine the great content editing experience of Word Press, the flexibility of developing with Next.js, and the power of deploying to Netlify!

Use Gatsby & WordPress for Dynamic Sites

Content writers love the content management workflows that WordPress provides. Devs love the developer experience of using Gatsby. And when you combine the two? Everyone wins! In this episode, Zac Gordon ( teaches us how to power Gatsby sites with WordPress and how to add dynamic features!

Gatsby + WordPress with WPGraphQL

Did you know WordPress & Gatsby are great together? In this stream, Jason Bahl ( teaches us how to use WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields and WPGraphQL to create an powerful, flexible admin dashboard, then query and display that data in a Gatsby site. Discuss on Twitter: