The Challenge

Build an AI-powered app that’s not another f%*#in’ chatbot.

So much of what we see in the AI space are variations on the chatbot interface. Carter at DataStax challenged the devs to build something different.

The Tool

All apps must use Astra DB as part of the final build. Astra DB provides a vector store and tools for generating vector embeddings from any data you choose.

The Rules

In the Web Dev Challenge, the rules are:

  • 4 web developers each build a web app
  • The web app is built to complete a specific challenge
  • The web app must include a given tool or technology, which changes each episode
  • Devs are given 30 minutes to plan
  • Devs are given 4 hours to build
  • At the end of 4 hours, the devs demo the web app they’ve built

Web Dev Challenge is not a competition. Instead, it’s a chance to build something with low stakes, learn something new, and have fun with friends.

The Web Devs

candid headshots of Lizzie, Chance, Jack, and Jason lined up left to right, with their names underneath their photos

Lizzie Siegle —

Chance Strickland

Jack Herrington

And, of course, your friend Jason.

The Advisor

Carter standing outside and smiling

Carter Rabasa, Head of Developer Relations at DataStax, was in studio to support the devs, teach us about vector databases, and answer questions.

The Apps

Jack’s DnD Encounter Generator: source code

Jason’s related videos PoC: live app · source code

Lizzie’s Star Wars fanfic generator: source code

Chance’s burger generator: source code

The Giveaway

We opened up this challenge to the whole community to see what you would build, and you could win a dream desk setup by Ugmonk by building your own app.

Huge congrats to Linda Thompson, who won the dream desk setup!