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Let’s Learn! Intro Sessions

Let's Learn Next.js!

Next.js makes building ReactJS apps fast and flexible. In this episode, Scott Moss will teach us what Next can do and what we can build with it!

Let's Learn TypeScript!

Code autocomplete, intuitive errors, and using code to clearly communicate with your teammates? Yes please! Orta Therox teaches us how TypeScript-powered JavaScript gives us all this and more.

Let's Learn RedwoodJS!

If we want to use the Jamstack, but also we need a database, but also you just want to build things and not waste all your energy configuring them? Anthony Campolo will teach us how Redwoodjs can help!

Let's Learn Nuxt!

If you’re building apps with Vue.js, Nuxt is a powerful way to get up and running quickly! In this episode, Maya Shavin teaches us how to combine Nuxt with Cloudinary for high-power, high-speed development!

Let's Learn D3.js!

Data visualizations add a ton of clarity and value to our apps, but getting started can be daunting. Shirley Wu teaches us how we can get started with D3.js to make charts, graphs, and more!

Let's Learn Toast!

What is Toast? In this episode, Chris Biscardi teaches us about the next-generation metaframework and shows how it leverages web standards to minimize tooling and maximize performance.

Let's Learn Firebase!

If you want to create a Jamstack app quickly, Firebase is a great option. In this episode, David East teaches us how to get started with Firebase to build powerful apps on the Jamstack!

Let's Learn Spatial Design!

How do you design a physical space? Matt Howard will teach us how spatial design creates useful AND beautiful environments.

Let's Learn Apollo Client v3!

Apollo is one of the most popular GraphQL libraries available today. In this episode, Khalil Stemmler teaches us how to get started with Apollo Client's latest major release.

Let's Learn Framer Motion!

Animation in ReactJS using Framer Motion is powerful and flexible. In this episode, Framer Motion author Matt Perry teaches us about the magic that’s possible when using it!

Let's Learn Design Systems!

Design systems are a hot topic, but how do you make sure your design system is useful? More importantly, how do you make sure people actually use it? In this episode, Dan Mall teaches us the fundamentals of design systems and how they can help us be more effective.

Let’s Learn Ghost on the Jamstack!

Where does the content for our Jamstack sites live? In this episode, Dave Darnes teaches us how Ghost makes content management on the Jamstack so easy it‘s spooky!

Let's Learn CSS Grid!

CSS Grid lets us create stunning layouts without adding complex markup or JavaScript. In this episode, Rachel Andrew ( — a driving force behind Grid‘s spec & adoption! — teaches us how to get started!

Let’s Learn Eleventy!

If you want to build a JAMstack site, there are lots of great options out there. In this episode, Zach Leatherman ( teaches us how Eleventy makes building static sites fast and fun.

Let's Learn Svelte!

Svelte is a powerful framework that compiles code to framework-less app vanilla JavaScript. In this episode, Svelte‘s creator, Rich Harris ( teaches us what that means and how we can get started with Svelte today!

Let's Learn State Machines!

What are state machines? How are they helpful? In this episode, David Khourshid ( walks us through refactoring a React component to use xstate, which helps us clear up some bugs and add more predictability.