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Software Architecture

How do we build great software for the web? Watch these episodes to learn web architecture from some of the brightest minds in web development.

Nuxt 3 & Nitro

Nuxt.JS v3 is stable, and it introduces a ton of features including Typescript support, Vuejs 3, Vite.JS, and the new Nitro server engine. Framework architect Daniel Roe will teach us all about it.

TanStack Query v4

State management is hard. TanStack Query aims to take the pain out of data fetching, caching, parallelization, and much more. Maintainer Dominik Dorfmeister will teach us all about it.

Port a Blog to Astro

For many devs, writing blogs with Markdown/MDX is still preferred. In this episode, Jason (a Markdown True Believer™) will be working on an in-progress port of the Learn With Jason blog to Astro.

Qwik City for Resumable, Dynamic Apps

Qwik City is a metaframework that adds routing and other app-like features on top of Qwik resumable components. Miško Hevery will teach us how to ship less JavaScript without sacrificing interactivity.

Optimize React App Performance

Building dynamic React.js apps that avoid performance pitfalls can be challenging. Shaundai Person will show us how to optimize our components, hooks, and more.

Build an E-commerce Site with Next.js and Shopify

Build a modern e-commerce web store using Next.js and Shopify. Jason will tackle building a custom app with a shopping cart in this episode.

Visual Page Building With Plasmic

You can build production-grade web applications using a drag-and-drop visual page builder. In this episode, Yang Zhang will teach us how to do it with Plasmic.

Level Up as a Developer Through Practice

Wilco is a "flight simulator for developers" that offers real world scenarios to help devs level up through practice. CTO Shem Magnezi gives us a tour.

What Is Edge Computing?

We’re hearing a lot about “the edge” lately — but what does that mean? In this episode, Sunil Pai will teach us what it means to build modern web applications on the edge.

Let's Play With Realtime (Using Supabase), pt. 2

Join Jason to have some fun with realtime coding. Let's finish the app we started together last time with Supabase.

Build UI Components With State Machines

The new Zag component library offers UI components powered by finite state machines. Segun Adebayo will teach us how it works!

Build Resumable Apps with Qwik

Qwik lets us build "resumable apps" by requiring nearly zero JavaScript for pages to become interactive + fine-grained lazy loading to only load what's used. Miško Hevery will teach us how to get started.

Build and Deploy a React App from a Monorepo

Managing large, complex, and/or multi-team codebases can be simplified by using a monorepo approach. In this episode, Juri Strumpflohner will teach us how to use Nx to build and deploy React apps.

Deploy a Site With Self-Hosted Analytics

Add self-hosted analytics to a Next.js site using Umami. Faraz Patankar will teach us how to build, instrument, and deploy an app to Railway.

Build an esbuild plugin

The speed of esbuild is incredible, but what happens if you need it to do more? Chance Strickland will teach us how to extend esbuild with custom plugins in this episode.

Let's Learn tRPC!

The promise of tRPC is end-to-end typesafe APIs. In this episode, Alex / KATT will teach us what that means and how we can get started using tRPC in a React app.

Build a Page Speed 100 E-commerce Site

On e-commerce sites, page performance is everything. In this episode, Håkon Krogh will teach us how to build a web store that aces the Page Speed checks using Remix and Crystallize.

Remix Stacks

Remix Stacks are a quickstart for building full-stack applications, including a Remix frontend, a database, and more. Kent C. Dodds will teach us how to get started.

Visually Create State Machines

Visualizing app logic is a game changer. In this episode, David Khourshid will teach us how Stately lets us visually create state machines and statecharts, then use them directly in React.js apps.

Faster GraphQL With GraphCDN

GraphCDN adds a smart caching layer for GraphQL APIs that promises better performance and reliability. In this episode, Max Stoiber will teach us how to use it in our own apps!