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Build a Custom App Dashboard

Retool promises to help us "build internal tools, remarkably fast". In this episode, Hirday Gupta will teach us how to build an app backend and UI quickly.

Build UI Components With State Machines

The new Zag component library offers UI components powered by finite state machines. Segun Adebayo will teach us how it works!

Convert Markdown & CMS Content Into Type-Safe JSON

Contentlayer is an SDK that transforms content from any source (including Markdown) into type-safe JSON. Johannes Schickling will teach us how it works and how we can use it in our own projects.

Let’s Learn Netlify Edge Functions

In a solo episode, Jason will dig into the new Netlify Edge Functions. Learn what edge computing enables, what you can build with it, and how to get started.

Build Resumable Apps with Qwik

Qwik lets us build "resumable apps" by requiring nearly zero JavaScript for pages to become interactive + fine-grained lazy loading to only load what's used. Miško Hevery will teach us how to get started.

Build and Deploy a React App from a Monorepo

Managing large, complex, and/or multi-team codebases can be simplified by using a monorepo approach. In this episode, Juri Strumpflohner will teach us how to use Nx to build and deploy React apps.

Deploy a Site With Self-Hosted Analytics

Add self-hosted analytics to a Next.js site using Umami. Faraz Patankar will teach us how to build, instrument, and deploy an app to Railway.

Generate Dynamic Images with node-canvas

Creating dynamic images unlocks a whole world of powerful workflows. In this episode, Ulf Schwekendiek will teach us how to use node-canvas to create our own custom, dynamically generated images.

Build an esbuild plugin

The speed of esbuild is incredible, but what happens if you need it to do more? Chance Strickland will teach us how to extend esbuild with custom plugins in this episode.

Build a Live Voting App

If you want to create an interactive app that allows people to vote, where should you start? Brandon Roberts will teach us how to build the whole dang thing using Appwrite.

Let's Learn tRPC!

The promise of tRPC is end-to-end typesafe APIs. In this episode, Alex / KATT will teach us what that means and how we can get started using tRPC in a React app.

Let’s Learn CommandBar!

Adding a ⌘+K shortcut to open a command palette in your app is a great way to give your users more control. CommandBar lets you add powerful search, nav, & custom actions quickly. James Evans will teach us how!

Build a Page Speed 100 E-commerce Site

On e-commerce sites, page performance is everything. In this episode, Håkon Krogh will teach us how to build a web store that aces the Page Speed checks using Remix and Crystallize.

RedwoodJS 1.0

RedwoodJS calls itself "the JS app framework for startups" — and it's officially hitting v1.0.0! Anthony Campolo will show us what's new and how to get started.

Remix Stacks

Remix Stacks are a quickstart for building full-stack applications, including a Remix frontend, a database, and more. Kent C. Dodds will teach us how to get started.

Create Playful, Interactive Animations

Can we make our animations react to user input? We can! Cassie Evans will teach us how to use Greensock to create fun, interactive animations!

Automatic Image Creation From a Figma Template

Can your database automatically enrich entries using third-party data and create custom images from a Figma template? Rowy can! Shams Mosowi will teach us how it works.

Find Your Next Open Source Contribution

Contributing to open source is a great way to build your career and network, but how do you find a good issue to work on? Brian Douglas has the deets!

Visually Create State Machines

Visualizing app logic is a game changer. In this episode, David Khourshid will teach us how Stately lets us visually create state machines and statecharts, then use them directly in React.js apps.

AMA and Coding Q&A

Join Jason for an AMA + coding Q&A! Bring your questions about developer experience, growing your network and career, building for the modern web, and more!