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Better Screenreader Experiences with CSS

After an introduction to how we can navigate with screenreaders, Ben Myers will teach us how we can use CSS to influence what screenreaders will announce.

Animating a Smashburger SVG Using GSAP

In this solo stream, Jason tries to remember how GSAP works to animate a smashburger SVG.

Ship Less JavaScript with Astro

Astro is a way to build websites that ships zero JavaScript by default. Only add JS when you need it for maximum performance! Fred K. Schott will teach us how it works.

Measure Deployments With

Sleuth is a way to get metrics about deployments that will "make shipping less stressful for developers" — Don Brown will teach us how!

First Look at Gatsby Functions

In this episode, Jason is going to look at the new Gatsby Functions feature and see how it works on Netlify!

Testing Accessibility

Making sure our apps and websites are accessible is a must-have for shipping. How can we be sure we're meeting a11y needs? Marcy Sutton will teach us how!

Let’s Learn Modern Redux!

A lot has changed in Redux since it was originally created. In this episode, Mark Erikson will teach us about Redux Toolkit an React-Redux hooks.

User-defined Functions in Fauna

What if you could bring compute to your data? In this episode, Rob Sutter teaches us how to create user-defined functions in Fauna to implement custom business logic right in your database.

Let's Learn Kotlin/JS!

Kotlin lets us write code once, then target multiple platforms — including JavaScript! Sebastian Aigner will teach us how to use Kotlin/JS to write type-safe JS apps in Kotlin.

GitHub Automation with Octokit

GitHub has powerful APIs, and with Octokit we can do just about anything on GitHub through code. Gregor Martynus will teach us how!

Distributed Persistent Rendering

In this solo episode, Jason will work through building an app with serverless functions using distributed persistent rendering.

Prototyping With Framer

Can we combine the best parts of no-code and custom code? Amy Dutton thinks we can! She'll teach us how to build prototypes with Framer that combine design components with custom code components.

Building a Second Brain with Obsidian

When it comes to taking notes, there are a lot of different options. In this episode, Hung-Su will teach us about how you can use Obsidian to take beautiful notes!

Custom Workflow Automation with n8n

While automation is a highly valued process in most toolkits, creating your own workflow automations can often seem daunting. In this lesson, Matt Hojo will be teaching us how to build custom workflow automations with n8n!

Functional React With Styled Components

Learn how to create clean, beautiful React UIs! Shaundai Person will teach us how to combine function-style React components with Styled Components.

Build a Custom IVR Using Twilio

Ever call a company and, as you try to figure out whether you should be pressing 1 or 4, thought, "I could make this so much better"? Now's your chance! Nathaniel Okenwa will teach us to build a custom IVR system with Twilio

Build Forms in Angular

Every web app is going to end up needing forms at some point. In this episode, Jennifer Wadella will teach us how to use the @angular forms API to create custom web forms!

Visual Editing With Storyblok

Storyblok is a headless CMS with a visual editor. In this episode, Samuel Snopko will teach us how to use it to power Jamstack web experiences!

Let's Learn Prisma!

If you need a database for your app, Prisma promises to make it easy. Nikolas Burk will teach us how!

Troll Your Boss With The Jamstack

How fast can two cyberspace hooligans build an app to troll their boss? Tune in and find out as Cassidy Williams and Jason Lengstorf drag Sarah Drasner in app form!