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Learn About Islands Architecture With Slinkity

Partial hydration lets you ship zero JS by default. In this episode, Ben Holmes will teach us how Slinkity lets us use any component framework to build low-JS dynamic apps on the Jamstack.

Build Your Own Audio Visualization In a Shader

Getting into shaders and writing GLSL might sound intimidating, but don't be scared! Char Stiles will teach us to code our own visualizations in the browser.

Make Music With Code

Code can be used to make art, and Dan Gorelick is an artist that uses code to make music. In this episode, learn how we can generate music on the fly!

What Can You Automate With n8n?

Used wisely, automation is a huge time saver. In this episode, we'll learn about all the incredible things we can automate using n8n from Harshil Agrawal!

Build an App With Supabase and NextJS

Supabase combines database storage and authentication into a powerful workflow for web devs. In this episode, Jon Meyers will teach us how to build a Next.js app with Supabase and deploy it to Netlify!

Marketing Automation With + Next.js

Joel hooks has been building full-featured marketing automation using Nextjs & for some of the most popular dev education sites out there. In this episode, he'll share how it's done!

Build a Full-Stack Serverless App With Next.js & Fauna

Web devs have more power than ever to build ambitious full-stack apps. In this episode, Shadid Haque will teach us how to build a TikTok clone with Netlify Functions, Fauna, and Next.js!

Faster GraphQL With GraphCDN

GraphCDN adds a smart caching layer for GraphQL APIs that promises better performance and reliability. In this episode, Max Stoiber will teach us how to use it in our own apps!

Diagnose and Fix UX/UI Problems

You don't need to be a designer to catch and fix issues with an app's UX and UI. In this episode, Ceara Crawshaw will teach us how to identify common problems in interfaces — and how to solve them!

Let's Learn Passwordless Auth!

Passwordless auth is an exciting and convenient way to let your users access your apps. In this episode, Maricris Bonzo will teach us how to use Magic Labs to enable it for your apps!

Distributed Databases on the Jamstack

Decoupled frontends are powerful, but how do you manage databases when you have microfrontends in play? In this episode, Natalia Venditto will teach us how MongoDB makes it manageable!

Build Your Own Design System

Understanding what design systems solve and when to build one is a complicated question. In this episode, we'll dive into it with Georges Gomes and learn how to build our own design system with Backlight Dev.

Let's Learn SolidJS

SolidJS is an exciting framework with a small (6.4kb) footprint, a reactive, component-based approach, and incredible performance. In this episode, Ryan Carniato will teach us how to get started with our first SolidJS app!

Let's Learn Remix!

Remix is a React-based framework focused on web fundamentals and modern UX. In this episode, Ryan Florence will teach us what makes it different and how to get started with it!

Gatsby WordPress Themes

Combining WordPress & Gatsby lets us have the best of both worlds for content creation & web dev. In this episode, Alexandra Spalato teaches us to how to use Gatsby themes to build WordPress sites quickly!

Serverless Databases With PlanetScale and Next.js

Custom databases on the Jamstack? Absolutely! Taylor Barnett will teach us how Planetscale and Netlify make it possible (and fun!) to build and deploy DB-powered Next.js apps!

Styling With Attribute Selectors

CSS can do *a lot* — in this episode, Michael Chan will teach us how much we can accomplish with data attributes and CSS selectors!

Add a Login to Your Svelte Site With Auth0

How do you add a login to Jamstack sites? In this episode, James Quick will show us how to combine Svelte and Auth0 to create a members-only section!

Create a PWA from Scratch

Progressive Web Apps get talked about a lot, but what *is* a PWA? In this episode, Patricio Vargas (pato) will teach us how to create one from scratch, including Service Workers!

AMA: Developer Experience, DevRel, Jamstack, JavaScript, and more!

What do you want to know about Developer Experience, Developer Relations, Jamstack, JavaScript, or interviewing and getting into a web development career? In this AMA, Jason will answer your questions!