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Build Your Own TwilioQuest Content

TwilioQuest is an educational video game that teaches us to code through 16-bit role-playing nostalgia. Margaret Staples will teach us how to create custom content for TwilioQuest in this episode!


Remember the old Nokia phone snake game? In this episode, Joe Nash will introduce us to an evolution of the game, Battlesnake, where we code our own snake and see how far we can go!

Turn Any Data Source into GraphQL With StepZen

StepZen allows us to combine multiple backends into a single GraphQL API. In this episode, Carlos Eberhardt will teach us how it works and how we can get started!

Reactive State Management Using NgRx and Angular

How do you handle local and global state in Angular projects? Brandon Roberts will show us how using NGRX

Limit Access to Web Pages for Twitch Subscriptions

To allow Twitch subscribers special access to additional functionality, we can create a web page that can only be accessed by active Twitch subscribers. In this episode, Jason will figure out how to make that work!

Let's Learn MongoDB Atlas!

Mongo Atlas promises a fully managed solution for creating and administering databases. In this episode, Ado Kukic will teach us how it works and what we can accomplish with it!

Local Development of Serverless Functions on Netlify

Serverless functions are incredibly powerful, but how do you work on them locally? In this solo stream, Jason will show how Netlify Dev makes it painless!

Automating Tasks with Node CLIs

Creating and automating workflows unlocks a ton of developer productivity. In this episode, Ahmad Awais will teach us how to design and build our own Node powered CLI automation!

Microservices and Red Hat OpenShift

In this episode, learn about Enterprise Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. David Nugent will walk us through how to set up a microservice and deploy custom code to it!

Right-to Left (RTL) Support for Websites

RTL support has a lot of quirks that can make sites uncomfortable to use for RTL readers. In this episode, Moriel Schottlender will teach us what to watch for and how to make the web better for everyone!

Jamstack & Headless CMS Sites Using Strapi

How should you approach content modeling for your headless CMS? In this episode, @malgamves will teach us how to set up our Jamstack sites for success using @strapijs!

Realtime Jamstack Apps With Ably

With tools like Ably, we can create multiplayer experiences on Jamstack apps quickly and reliably. In this episode, Srushtika Neelakantam will show us what we unlock by adding realtime features!

Serverless Functions and TypeScript on Netlify

Did you know you can use TypeScript in serverless functions on Netlify with no build step? Tomasz Łakomy will show us how to get started!

Build a Command Line Interface in Rust

The Rust Language ecosystem is gaining steam as a powerful, friendly, and FAST way to build all sorts of things. In this episode, John Breen will teach us how to build a custom command line interface using Rust!

Web Performance Auditing

We all know performance is important, but we *don't* always know how to find what's causing slowdowns. In this episode, Tim Kadlec will teach us how to audit websites to find the slowdowns!

Let's Learn Blitz.js!

Blitz.js is "a batteries-included framework" for building full stack apps with React. In this episode, Brandon Bayer will teach us how it works!

Let's Learn FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow is a visual builder for Flutter + Firebase apps. In this episode, Abel Mengistu will teach us how it works!

GitHub Actions with Forked PRs?!

What's new in GitHub Actions? Brian Douglas will teach us all about: - Fine-grain permissions in Actions - GitHub cloud environment management - Dependent jobs in actions

JavaScript Autocomplete

Building a great autocomplete experience can be a pain. In this episode, Sarah Dayan will teach us how to create a powerful JavaScript autocomplete solution using an open source library from Algolia.