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Distributed Persistent Rendering

In this solo episode, Jason will work through building an app with serverless functions using distributed persistent rendering.

Prototyping With Framer

Can we combine the best parts of no-code and custom code? Amy Dutton thinks we can! She'll teach us how to build prototypes with Framer that combine design components with custom code components.

Building a Second Brain with Obsidian

When it comes to taking notes, there are a lot of different options. In this episode, Hung-Su will teach us about how you can use Obsidian to take beautiful notes!

Custom Workflow Automation with n8n

While automation is a highly valued process in most toolkits, creating your own workflow automations can often seem daunting. In this lesson, Matt Hojo will be teaching us how to build custom workflow automations with n8n!

Functional React With Styled Components

Learn how to create clean, beautiful React UIs! Shaundai Person will teach us how to combine function-style React components with Styled Components.

Build a Custom IVR Using Twilio

Ever call a company and, as you try to figure out whether you should be pressing 1 or 4, thought, "I could make this so much better"? Now's your chance! Nathaniel Okenwa will teach us to build a custom IVR system with Twilio

Build Forms in Angular

Every web app is going to end up needing forms at some point. In this episode, Jennifer Wadella will teach us how to use the @angular forms API to create custom web forms!

Visual Editing With Storyblok

Storyblok is a headless CMS with a visual editor. In this episode, Samuel Snopko will teach us how to use it to power Jamstack web experiences!

Let's Learn Prisma!

If you need a database for your app, Prisma promises to make it easy. Nikolas Burk will teach us how!

Troll Your Boss With The Jamstack

How fast can two cyberspace hooligans build an app to troll their boss? Tune in and find out as Cassidy Williams and Jason Lengstorf drag Sarah Drasner in app form!

Real Time Notifications With the Twitch API

What can we do with TwitchDev EventSub? Anything we want! Prince Wilson will teach us how to build fun, real time interactions using the Twitch API.

Create an Ecommerce Site Using Shopify, Next.js, and

How do you give non-developers control over the look and feel of an ecommerce site? Steve Sewell will teach us how to use Next.js, Shopify, and Builderio to do it!

A Stream About Streaming โ€” Q&A

How does Learn With Jason work? In this Q&A and casual working session, Jason will walk through the process of making Learn With Jason and answer your questions about livestreaming!

Build Better Apps With State Machines

Using state machines, we can build web apps with low complexity and high confidence. David Khourshid will show us how xstate helps us make sense of state management in web apps.

Create a Timewarp Filter in TensorFlow.js

Let's recreate the popular TikTok timewarp filter using a webcam and TensorFlow.js. Machine learning's favorite mad scientist, Gant Laborde, will teach us how!

Custom Twitch Overlays and Interactions

In this episode, join Jason for a working session on the Learn With Jason Twitch overlays. This will be a casual Q&A working session, so stop by to learn about streaming and building custom overlays with web technologies!

Make Video With Code

Making slick, animated video using React might sound far-fetched, but Remotion makes it possible! Jonathan Burger will teach us how.

Let's Learn esbuild!

How will we build web apps in the future? Sunil Pai believes we'll be using esbuild. Let's learn how esbuild and bundlers like Vite built on top of it work to see how it can speed up our dev workflows!

Vue 3, Hasura, and Serverless Functions

You can build "full stack" apps without becoming an expert in backend tech! In this episode, Ben Hong will teach us how Vue, Hasura, and Netlify Functions combine to powerful apps!

Use State Machines to Build a Queue for Custom Twitch Overlays

In this episode, Jason will build a state machine (using xstate) to handle subscription events and display them in Twitch overlays.